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Ian was out of town last night, but Camille and I had a wonderful day and evening. A late afternoon rainstorm threw us a little for a loop, but we got creative with a dance party, some silly photos, and I even got brave enough to let her ditch the crayons for some REAL paint.

I am still receiving my Rocksbox sets and loving them! This past shipment was a great one ... all three pieces my stylist Justine sent me were home runs. She selected a Kendra Scott necklace (the Frances style in Iridescent Peach), a Margaret Elizabeth druzy bangle, and some Gorjana rhinestone stud earrings.

Don't forget that you may use my code ALIZADVENTURESXOXO to try out your first Rocksbox box completely free. You can log on, fill out a quick style questionnaire, and take a look at what sort of pieces they carry with no commitment. As a member, you can constantly update your wishlist (screenshot of mine below) to show your stylist the items you'd love to see show up on your doorstep. Wear the three designer pieces as long as you'd like (a day, a month, a season!) and ship them back in a prepaid envelope right from your own mailbox to get your next three pieces.

Occasionally I'll love a piece so much that I decide to keep it. In this situation, you're offered a discounted price, and you just leave it out of the box when you mail it back. So easy. Have you tried Rocksbox yet? I'd love to hear if you are liking it as much as I am. 

Recently I had an opportunity to try out Boon's new SNUG lid. This silicone spout is a universal accompaniment to just about any cup with a normal 2.5"-3.75" diameter. So, you go out to a restaurant, grab your SNUG from your diaper bag, and BOOM, instant sippy cup. The silicone lid is BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free, and my other favorite two-word combo, dishwasher safe!

Here's why we are favoring it more than ever these days: I'd been using the take and toss sippy cups almost exclusively with Camille (man, they are easy and cheap), BUT she has recently learned how to snap the lid off by herself. We've had some spills and dump-outs, and we've never been happier to have a slipcovered sofa during snacktime. So when these arrived, the heavens sang because the silicone lids are so snug (hence the name) that they are impossible for Camille to remove. 

I love knowing that I can keep one stored in my bag, taking up virtually zero room, and she always has access to a sippy cup. 

We are BIG FANS!

Boon SNUG is available at Target and on

It's consignment sale season and this excites me so much! Last Friday evening after an early family dinner at Chuy's, I went over to the Harris YMCA presale and scooped up some goodies. I got five outfits for Camille, an adorable beach coverup in case the new baby is a girl, a little sailor outfit and blue Boppy cover in case the new baby is a boy, a gender neutral towel, some vintage wooden blocks, and ... an Ergo carrier (yay!) all for a grand total of $60. This weekend there's a sale I'd like to hit, and there's one more next weekend. Between the three of these, I'm hoping to get all of Camille's spring and summer wardrobe taken care of since we will be a litttttle busy this year with a newborn :)

Lastly, big thanks to everyone who offered uplifting and encouraging thoughts yesterday about the new baby being breech. I was feeling some MAY-JAH activity in the wee hours of the morning today that don't have me 100% convinced that we had some turning action, but maybe just maybe?

I have talked to so many women whose babies turned around 37/38 weeks, and I'm 35 right now, so I'm staying positive. And ... hanging off of the couch three times a day.

Good things are going to happen! - @Mummy Goes Mad. Remember to stay positive through trials of infertility or fertility treatments like IVF.:

TGIF y'all, and hope you will join in on Five on Friday this week! Cheers to the weekend!

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  1. I am going to have to try that Rocksbox now. Everyone is talking about it, but I was hesitant due to the rental idea. But the offer code? Done! Also love the picture of the you and your girl, so funny!

  2. I tried Rocksbox thanks to your suggestion (and code!!) and am loving it. So fun! Keeping my fingers crossed that the movement last night did the trick. Happy Friday!

  3. Yes! Good things are going to happen. I'll be praying for you, sweet mama. And if things just so happen not to go your way, know that it's not the end of the world. Praying for a healthy mama and baby and for whatever delivery that ensures that that happens. As a c-section mama, I am here to tell you that it's not as bad as you think. Know that I'm here and and all of your other internet mama friends are rooting you on for whatever comes your way! Xoxo

  4. SO excited you were able to get an Ergo at the consignment sale!!! YAY! And that super cute dress with the brown top and floral bottom?? I have that dress in a size 12 month and 5T- all of my girls have worn it and it is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE dresses!!! If you have a girl and I have a boy- I will send you the 12 month dress so you can have a matching set!! :) Can't wait to hear what finds you scoop up this weekend at the consignment sale you are going to!! :)

  5. I love your silly face pictures! Camille has got mimicking you down pat.

  6. Love the matchy-matchy faces in your photo collage. So Cute!

  7. You and Camille are the cutest! Her little faces are hysterical. What a little ham!

    Prayers that your sweet little nugget has turned right around in that belly!

    Have a great weekend!

    Lindsay's Sweet World

  8. Yay glad to hear you love the snug covers - I've been wanting to try them! So convenient for going out to eat. Fingers crossed the babe did a flip for ya! :)

  9. That lid is a FANTASTIC idea!!!! Love it!!! Goodness C just gets cuter and cuter!!

  10. Love the pics of you and Camille--so so cute! Also praying the babe already turned for you!

    I confess I signed up for rocksbox using your code. I've been feeling pretty bored with my costume jewelry wardrobe as of late and this seems like a fun way to try new stuff out!

  11. love the selfies of you two :)
    so adorable!

  12. The cutest selfies - She's so expressive! Prayers headed your way for the breech business.

  13. I was talking about this with a friend last night and totally forgot that I had this problem. At 34 weeks they said he was breech. They set up an ultrasound at 38 weeks and he had flipped at some time between those weeks. I was seriously concerned about it, since everyone I knew had their baby flip way before. If I could go back in time, I'd tell myself not to worry until there was something to worry about. I freaked for weeks for nothing. I know easier said than done! Hope he/she flips for ya!

  14. Consignment shops are the best!!!! :) I am so glad you're having a great week! Love this link up, too! Happy to finally join! :)

  15. I seriously can't wait to try those Boon snug lids !

  16. Anything boon makes is amazing, I've decided!

  17. I love that Snug thing! I don't have any babies but that would be a good gift for someone that does. Very cool.

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