A Halloween Surprise

It is with great JOY that I finally, finally announce a beautiful secret that I've been holding on to for a few months now. Baby R will be making an appearance in May 2014! Ian and I are beyond excited ... I can't even describe it. 

Life is beautiful!


Our Halloween Party

Saturday was our Halloween party at the house and we had such a wonderful time. Ian was Patrick Bateman from American Psycho and I was a groupie. So no, we did not have an adorable matching couples costume. Gotta work on that for next year :)

The above photos are cute, right? Well, please be assured that wrangling your husband for photos is not always the easiest task.

We kept the munchies really simple -- we ordered four pizzas and had chips & dip and homemade Rice Krispie treats. My motto -- keep it simple. I've hosted the parties before where I was tied to the kitchen, sweating in front of a hot oven. No thanks!

I used some black and white striped fabric I had for a makeshift runner and then some Halloween decorations and paper plates and napkins from Dollar Tree (again ... simple!). Lots of candles and low lights gave a fun and spooky feel and of course we had Pandora's Halloween station going on throughout the house. 

Around the house, we swapped out a few lightbulbs for green ones. This makes SUCH an impact! We also have a green outside entry light at our front door. Ian also hooked up a strobe light and an iPod playing scary music and hid them behind the planters at the front door, creating a really fun entrance to our house.

We put fake body parts and rubber rats in old jars and emptied out glow sticks into the water. We shone a blacklight on the jars so they glowed neon.

We had candles lit all over the house and even our cute little bust got a not-so-cute makeover.

Our dining room chandelier was cobwebbed out once again.

We had some homemade gravestones in the front yard and backyard. Please don't mind my husband's not-so-subtle political statement. ;)

Everyone's costumes were on point!

And because this is just entirely too funny not to post ... Ian picked up one of our friends for the party at his house and sent me a text upon arriving back at home saying "You gotta come outside with your camera!" and this is what I saw. Oh my word. These guys. They drove all through Charlotte traffic like this, not acting at all like it was out of the ordinary.

So Happy Halloween you guys and I can't wait to see how you celebrate the big day!


Spooky Eyeball Punch Recipe

We had friends over on Saturday night for a Halloween get-together, and I couldn't stay away from the drink dispenser.

True story.

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Spooky Eyeball Punch
1 2-liter bottle of Ginger Ale
2 cartons Jumex Peach Nectar
1 can lychees, in juice
Vodka to taste (optional)

Mix all ingredients together in a large punch bowl or drink dispenser. Stir together and serve!

Lychees are an uncommon fruit and I love them! Our grocery store sells them by the can in the same area as all of the canned fruit -- pears, pineapples, peaches. In my store, they are located on the top shelf along with all of the other somewhat odd finds. A can will run you about $3.50-$4.00, so it's not the least expensive ever, but so worth it.

I just love adding lychees into Halloween punch because they look like eyeballs floating at the bottom of the drink dispenser!

The punch was such a hit -- and I loved that the ginger ale made it fizzy. Next up, I want to try a version using the guava nectar that I also saw available at the store.

Happy {almost} Halloween!

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My BLO Visit

One thing I used to think was overrated? Blowouts.

That all changed a few years ago when I had my first professional blowout during a New York girls trip. At that point, I became a blowout believer.

Now, I am not one of those girls that can make a blowout last for four days -- my hair needs (begs for!) daily washing. So, for that reason, I like to save blowouts for special occasions, like a fun girls night out or a special date night. I was positively thrilled when I first saw that Blo Blow Dry Bar popped up close to my home!

Blo was so sweet to invite me to their media opening day so I could check out the spot for myself and put my tresses in the very capable hands of one of their stylists.

Blo also has great neighbors -- a boutique, a cosmetics store, a candy store, frozen yogurt across the street -- what more could you ask for?

The interior is all pink, grey and white with fantastic decor. Everyone who works there was so sweet and welcoming.

Stephanie was my stylist, and I would highly recommend her. She started off by showing me the hair menu with Blo's signature styles. I went with the Holly Would style -- lots of big curls.

Here's the before shot. Stephanie took me back for a shampoo using Blo's Unite hair products. The shampoo and conditioner smelled positively amazing, like honeysuckle.

Stephanie used a medium round brush to dry and curl small sections of hair, which she then rolled up in duckbill clips and secured until my entire head was done and the curls were cool. She didn't need to use any heat tools at all!

And the result? Bouncy, healthy curls! Plus -- that volume at the crown was right up my alley.

Blo has such a good vibe going on. The music was on-point and not too loud, but just loud enough to feel like you were pre-partying for a spectacular night out.

They spoiled us with cupcakes, punch & bubbly as well as a full candy bar -- Blo knows the way to my heart!

They even sent me home with a sweet little swag bag with lots of great goodies, including a full size of this Unite detangler and leave-in conditioner which leaves my hair incredibly smooth and soft. It will be a staple in my bathroom cabinet!

The verdict? Between my sweet stylist, the salon's fab decor, and the red-carpet worthy blowout, I will most definitely be back -- and soon.

Blowouts are $35 and available for any type or length of hair.

Blo Charlotte 
Colony Road Shops 
2850 Selwyn Avenue 
Charlotte, NC 28209 
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