Lochlan Is One Month

(Lochlan was one month old on 7/6 ... we are fashionably late)

Oh sweet Lochlan, at one month old you are just a joy!

These have been some wild days, balancing life as a family of three young kiddos and two busy adults. Some moments have been some of the sweetest I've experienced -- and some have taken every single bit of strength I could muster. I know these times are fleeting, though. Some moments I hate to see pass (I actually really love the newborn days, even the lack of sleep) and some I want to just sweep right out of the door. Like the moments when ALL three kids are crying at the same time. Bah!

At one month, here are Lochlan's stats:

WEIGHT 11lb 10oz (82nd percentile) -- up from 8.2 at birth
HEIGHT 22.76" (88th percentile)
HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE 40.1cm (98th percentile)

He moved from size NB to size 1 diapers. He sleeps a lot and is up 2-3 times a night to feed. Nursing is going well and he's for the most part one chill chap!

He experienced his first Independence Day ...

... his first couple of at-home baths

... nightly snuggles and yard-walks with Daddy while I put the girls down to bed

... plenty of "monkey in the middle" moments

... first trip to the pool (snoozed with a fan in his carseat in one of the covered cabanas)

... and first trip to the lake complete with first pontoon boat ride. (Still loving this Agility wrap)

My youngest sister Laura and I were so lucky again to be pregnant together and our boys are about 6 weeks apart once again. Will on left, Lochlan on right. 

During this month he slept in a bassinet next to my side, swaddled in a Miracle Blanket which also worked wonders with Camille (Char "fought the system" ... the swaddling system, that is). Naps are typically in my arms, the swing, Dock A Tot or a Rock and Play. We try to switch it up as much as possible. 

Sweet precious Lochlan, may you always feel like you can lay in my arms just like this. 
We love you, buddy. 


Five On Friday: Cute Lochlan Pics, Too!

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Look at this sweet babe! He's more and more alert these days and is such a CHUNK. Look at those cheekies!

Last night was the first time he's slept in his own room in the crib (he's been in a bassinet next to me for these past 6 weeks) and he did GREAT - up at 3:45, up at 6:45 and that's it!

So I don't always have a ton of time to watch television, but I have a new favorite. PLUS it's right around 20 minutes long which means it's super easy to slip one in. Flip or Flop Atlanta is on HGTV On Demand and I like it a lot better than the original version. This couple is oh-so-cute without being over the top, and they do some awesome renos on Southern houses. 

I love seeing what sort of financially-wise changes they make and how much profit they end up earning. Surely everyone who watches flipping shows thinks "HEY ... I could do this?!" and I'm falling into the same hype. Flipping a house would probably be a dream job for me!

Image result for flip or flop atlanta

You meet people in just the strangest ways, and I have loads of personal stories about this. My friend Addie falls into this category. We met because she sells LipSense with me, and we got to know each other even better when we attended a seminar together in Oklahoma. She's WONDERFUL. She flew into Charlotte yesterday and we caught a quick salad together at Chopt. I just love her! And I just love that this crazy lippy world brought us together.  

So hot dogs may not be as appealing to you as kids' food as, say, organic kosher grass-fed cage free gluten free turkey meatballs, but sometimes a kid just has to be a kid during the summer, am I right?! And my girls really love these octopus hot dogs I make. Using a knife, I just slice the bottom part into four pieces and then microwave for 45-60 seconds. To be really safe, cut the entire hot dog lengthwise before they eat it, but at least for the initial presentation it's so darn cute! You could even get really creative with goldfish and make an under-the-sea theme. 

My sister's coming to town this weekend with her family and we have plans to hit up Nordstrom for the anniversary sale. For anything I really want to make sure to get, though, I'm doing my shopping online TODAY since the sale is now live to the public.

(all images below are clickable to shop)

My number one FAVE, the textured v-neck sweater! Ordered it immediately, YAY! Love it now with shorts for breezy summer nights, and later with skinny jeans and booties. Two colors are already sold out but four colors still remain. Sizes are really limited, I'm in the XS here. I chose the pink color this morning. 

In love with this cozy Halogen open cardi (pockets!) and the raw-edge $11 v-neck tee underneath. The white one is sort of sheer so be prepared to layer it with a cami. I also tried on brown and black in store and they were less sheer.

Rib Wrap Sweater by Leith
Under $40 and available HERE
I saw SO much of this gorgeous lilac color in store!

This ribbed cardigan is $25.90 and perfect for nursing.
I'm seeing so many button-down henleys this season.
Love this easy trend!

And on a baby-related note, I can't BELIEVE the Dock-A-Tot has not sold out yet as part of the sale! These things hold their value so well for resale and Lochlan loooooves it. New mamas, this is worth the purchase.

Deluxe Stage 1 Dock,                        Main,                        color, Emerald Isle

Nordstrom sale ... What did you score?!


That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!

Five On Friday!

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I stopped by Nordstrom yesterday along with half of the city of Charlotte, and on the way out I stopped by the little cafe to grab an iced chai. That's my favorite coffee shop drink. I was caught off guard when the barista said, "Normal iced chai or lavender iced chai?"

UMMM, lavender iced chai of course!!!
Now, how can I recreate this at home? I am thinking a little homemade lavender simple syrup and some chai tea mix!

Speaking of simple syrup, I was at the pool with my friend Nina recently and we were chatting about making simple syrup in a microwave (using a mason jar). She has an amazing food-centric blog and recently blogged about making strawberry jalapeno simple syrup. How amazing does this sound?! Click over here to see her take on it!

peace. love. & good food.: Strawberry Jalapeno Simple Syrup
photo cred :)

The girls absolutely love this Playfoam! It seriously does NOT dry out (side-eyeing you, playdoh). I mean, some of our foam has grass bits and probably Goldfish crumbs in it, but you'd be tossing it for that reason and not because it dried out. It's cheap on Amazon and the girls just love it. Charlotte's physical therapist (for fine/gross motor development) encouraged us to expose her to all sorts of textures to play with, and I think this fits the bill!

I gave it to them on Monday afternoon with some little toys and small kitchen tools like a silicone garlic peeler and silicone rolling pin and they loved it!

Playfoam, $7.99

Another Nordies win. This ribbed top is another great option for any fellow breastfeeding moms because you're not having to go to great lengths to feed that fussy babe. And for everyone else, it's just a beautiful and graceful top. Great price, too. 

Pair with a cami underneath like I have! Or else you might have a Janet Jackson moment. 

Leith Rib Wrap Sweater
$39.90, down from $59

Lochlan's one month appointment was yesterday and WOWZA this boy has jumped up from 8.2 at birth to 11.10! In just five weeks. He's a big boy! 

I'll share more of his one month stats next week, but he's doing awesome and is just such a wonderful little boy. 


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Charleston SC Restaurant Rec Roundup + Sale Shopping

Happy Friday Eve! Feels good to be on the heels of a nice weekend!

We have some nice family time ahead of us including a short trip down to our fave coastal city, Charleston SC! You all have been so helpful (on Instagram!) helping with restaurant suggestions. I know the big, established restaurants pretty well but I was really hoping for some insight into the newer, happenin' type places, and you guys really delivered. So thank you for that, and I've rounded up some of your recommendations here!

Before I jump into that, I did hop over to the Nordstrom Sale this morning to scope out what I want to pick up when the sale opens up on July 20th. For any of you cardholders, it's open as of TODAY. 

Here are some of my favorites. Shop ALL sale merch by clicking HERE.

I love the green and white combo, but it also comes in navy/pink stripe and black/white stripe. Can't beat the price of this top, and I love the ruffle sleeve. 

This combo is EXACTLY what I was hoping to find in-store!


The long cardi at $42.90 is seriously such a steal. So cozy and soft, I love the idea of throwing it on for a night at the movie theater with some shorts and a tee. Perfect for summer when you need some breeze on your legs but want to cozy up in a chilly theater. 

The white tee is going to be best with a cami under it -- it's pretty sheer. 

But they have it in other solid colors and stripes that are less sheer. This color below is Brown Cattail, and I also tried it on in black which was not sheer. 

Coming in as a major fave is this amazing soft v-neck sweater. PLUS they have it in lots of colors including a gorgeous yellow.

Available in six different colors. HUUUUGE win on this one. Twenty five bucks. 

I love how relaxed and "I'm not even trying to look cute" this is, but my reality as a nursing mama is that this comfy ribbed sweater is PRAISE HANDS GOOD.

The buttons are functional and I mean ... it's amazing. 

$49.90 HERE (color: Purple Moss)
$11.90 (down from $17) HERE

Here's another cute combo for a movie date or a breezy beach night. I love that Purple Moss color. 

And same black Raw Edge V-Neck tee, but with the 

Now, this is really oversized, and the XS/S had plennnnty of room on me, but if you're going for that slouchy oversized look, this is your jam. 

Moving on to Charleston, SC! The Holy City!

Image result for charleston sc

I put out feelers for lunch spots, and extra credit points for any in the Mount Pleasant area! Here are some of the recommendations that were named most frequently:

Spots I've Never Been
Tavern and Table (website)
The Obstinate Daughter (website)
Page's Okra Grill (website)
Five Loaves Cafe (website)
Locals (website)
Grace & Grit (website)
The Wreck (website)
Mill St. Tavern (website)
Westbrook Brewing (website)
Nico (website)
Red Drum (website)

Spots I've Been To - And Can Vouch For!
Butcher & Bee (website)
Rue de Jean (website)
Husk (website)
Hominy Grill (website)
Poogan's Porch (website)
Fleet Landing (website)
Red's Ice House (website)

Whew! That's a pretty extensive list. 

Thank you all SO much for your recs! We will be having lunch at one of these and are still deciding on a dinner spot as well. I'll keep you posted and Instastory along the way!

Image result for road trip quote


Saturday Steal ::: Rose All Day

Wordplay Floppy Straw Sun Hat,
                        color, Pink Tropics Combo

For today's Saturday Steal, I had to share this adorable sunhat! Whether you have a beach trip planned or just plan to spend an afternoon lounging by the pool, I think a "rose all day" wide-brimmed hat is perfectly appropriate!

How cute as well for a birthday gift for a sister or girlfriend?!
40% off currently with free shipping, so totally a Saturday Steal!


Five On Friday

It's time for another edition of Five on Friday and I do hope you'll join along!

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A great update on Char's vision! You may remember that she had strabismus surgery (to fix crossed eyes) back in April, then a month later at the follow-up they advised us to go BACK to patching for a month -- for residual crossing. YUP, after we'd already paid a boatload for her eye surgery. To be fair, we were also told that 20% of the surgeries needed a repeat. I should be typing it as $urgerie$ because wowwwwwza. And with both Ian and me being self-employed, we don't have employer coverage to help with the insurance costs. So we are big-time hoping that one surgery will correct it. Plus, we obviously don't want her to need surgery again!

Anyway, after this past month of repeat patching (one hour a day, alternating eyes this time) we were just told Monday that we can give the patches a rest! We will have another follow-up in a month, but for now Char can enjoy her summer splashing around and playing outside without me chasing her around holding an eye patch.

Baby Lochlan is one month old today! I can't believe how quickly this time has flown! He's so cute, so snuggly, so wonderful. He's still sleeping a lot, but you better believe his eyes PING wide open right around 10pm at night. Haha. Luckily he's precious.

I've been LOVING these Luxe High-Neck Tanks for postpartum wear (shown above)! I own FOUR colors. They conceal the belly I've still got so well, are machine washable, and are just that super stretchy cozy cotton fabric. They are still available on the website and some colors/patterns are even on sale. I'm in the XS and it is still very long and plenty swingy in the midsection. 

product photo product photo

Camille is a kid who loves a plan, but with a newborn and a 2yo who's still not walking independently, it has honestly been really difficult to get the crew out of the house for anything more than necessary doc appointments. At least, during the workweek when Ian's not here to provide a second set of hands. I still want Camille to have really fun summer activities, though, which has just taken a little more planning. She's still in that awesome stage where I can say things like "TUESDAY IS ... SOCCER DAY!" and pump her up about getting to put on "soccer kid clothes" and kick the soccer ball around the backyard. 

Having some sort of themed activity each day has really given her something to look forward to!

I loved seeing everyone's posts about the Frosé you've been making! You can see my post with the recipe HERE. I also had a lot of people message me with fun little tweaks they made -- making it non-alcoholic for expectant mamas, or one gal who made the simple syrup using blackberries instead! Yum! I think Ian and I might have to whip up a batch this evening. Yes, he's a manly man who loves Frosé!

Related image

I love Celeste Barber so much and will just leave this right here. Just know that if you're ever looking at someone like she's the mom on the left, she's most likely feeling like the mom on the right. I know I am! :) 


That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!

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