What A Weekend.

It's so important to balance work with fun.

What you won't see here (yet) are the results of the backbreaking labor Ian and I took part in this weekend with our home!  Pruning bushes, mowing the lawn, creating new mulch beds, planting flowering vines that will -- we hope -- creep up a trellis soon, washing the cars, weed-eating, are you tired yet?

We both need massages to ease our sore muscles!  Luckily, we were able to mix the yardwork up with a little fun in the evenings.  It's so important!

Kim, Lindsay and me

Friday night, Lindsay and I biked down to Piedmont Town Center where they feature live music.  Friday's band was Chairman of the Board.

We got to see them sing a few songs, including "Carolina Girls," before the rain started!  Lindsay and I ran back to our bikes and pedaled home in the rain.

Saturday evening, Ian and I decided to have a low-key night.  Dinner consisted of take-out Cobb salads from Dean & Deluca (a favorite of ours). 

Across from our D&D is a "sister" spot -- the Dean & Deluca Wine Room.  We stopped in there before picking up our dinner for a drink.  We both agreed it was the highlight of our night.  Such a simple thing to do, but it allowed us great time to hang out together.  We'd been in the yard together all day, but this was just good time to talk and connect.

Sunday morning kicked off for us with a run, breakfast together on the patio, and then more yardwork.  We celebrated all of our accomplishments together with dinner in our screened porch. 

Grilled buffalo chicken with blue cheese, coleslaw, and mac & cheese.  We earned it!

More weekend updates coming soon, including yard updates and a big new purchase for moi!

Reminder - Tuesday at midnight is your last chance to enter to win a pom-pom scarf from Katie Fobes Design!  Visit this post to get your entries counted.


Find Me At ...

Hey gals!

Betcha thought you'd find me here, right?  Nope!

I'm over at Katie's cute blog while she is on vacay in the Bahamas. 

If you've ever wanted to know how I'd spend my perfect summer day in Charlotte, head on over!

Thanks, Katie, for allowing me to house-sit your blog for a day while you are in paradise!  Can't wait to see your pictures and hear your fun recaps.


Katie Fobes Design Giveaway!

I remember when I first saw the pure talent of Katie Fobes on Kerry's blog, and I knew this girl had it goin' on.

Kerry has many of her DIY endeavors featured on Monograms & Martinis, and I'm so grateful to Kerry for the introduction!

Pull up a chair and get ready to be majorly wowed with some talent.

My top three favorite projects of Katie's are:
* Her DIY mirrored bathroom vanity (insane)
* Her light aqua antique dresser re-vamp
* Her recreation of a glass vase into a gold-petalled showstopper

If you have even an ounce of DIY in your bones, you'll be in heaven.

She even has an Etsy shop that you must, must, must! check out.

Katie has been generous enough to offer you lucky-duck readers the opportunity to score one of her gorgeous pom-pom scarves in the color of your choice.

I'm incredibly jealous right now, just so you know!

If I had my choice, I'd pick the navy.  No, the coral.  No, no -- the green.  Yes, I'd pick the green!

So here's how to enter.  Please leave a separate comment for each entry you've earned:

Entry 1: "Like" the Katie Fobes Design Facebook page and comment that you are there from A. Liz Adventures
Entry 2: Follow Katie's blog and leave a comment on her post about this giveaway with your favorite scarf color
Entry 3: Blog about the giveaway with links to both of our blogs -- At Home When I'm With You and A. Liz Adventures
Entry 4: Add A. Liz Adventures to your sidebar blogroll (or comment that you have it there already -- love ya!)

The giveaway will run through midnight on Tuesday, May 1st with the lucky winner announced on Wednesday, April 2nd. 

Thanks to Katie for this great giveaway, and best of luck to you all!


A. Liz Adventures Recipe: Green Pizza

Saturday night, I put together this awesome dinner -- easy and yummy.

I call it a Green Pizza for reasons that you can probably deduce.

Onions, olives, capers, homemade pesto ... and of course, tons of mozzarella cheese!

I used the same pizza crust that I used in my recent Barbeque Chicken Pizza -- Mama Mary's Thin & Crispy.  Oh my word, it's good.

The pizza got a good dose of the ingredients and went in the oven per the pre-made crust's instructions (I told you I keep it easy on the weekends).

And honestly, this might be a new fave.
Probably because it's salty and olivey and meatless.

And cheesy-gooey.

I sliced it up and went to town.
You may be wondering where my husband was?
He and the guys played a late afternoon golf game and went out afterwards for dinner.

This baby was ALL. MINE. 

I poured a glass or three of red and the Real Housewives and I made a night of it.

This wine always makes me laugh, because I've heard my parents tell people that having three girls under one roof was as easy as herding cats.

If you can argue what a better Saturday night would be ... have at it!  :)

PS: Exciting giveaway coming tomorrow -- stay tuned!

A Classy, Southern Wife In The Queen City

Know what's so dang crazy?

Meeting a girl you know from the blogging world, twice (this time and this time), and then getting together for a double-date and seeing your husbands get along seamlessly.

They were cracking jokes and contemplating tequila shots -- thank goodness that didn't come to fruition -- and having the great Broncos vs. Raiders debate.

Surreal!  And so fabulous.

Last Thursday, Christin from A Classy, Southern Wife and I got together in my neck of the woods -- Charlotte!  Her husband was in town for a certification, and she had the opportunity to join.  I met up with her at noon, and after a day of shopping, having lunch, and showing her our beautiful Queen City, we gathered our husbands and had dinner at Paco's Tacos. 

The food, as always, was delicious.

And if you've ever eaten dinner with a blogger, this next image will seem normal to you... We got a pretty good laugh at the things a blogger husband gets used to -- "Babe, can we PUH-LEASE eat dinner now?  It's getting cold and I'm sure you got a good picture or sixteen of it." 

But really -- it was so much fun, and after our big night of tortilla chips, two types of salsa, soft tacos, and a few Shiner Bocks, my next big move was straight to bed where Ian fed me Pepto Bismol and rubbed my tummy.  This girl was a-hurtin'. 

Our next big plans occurred on Saturday when we had plans with a small group of Charlotte bloggers to meet for brunch at Pewter Rose (my favorite brunch spot in the city).  First order of duty: their signature butterscotch scones and a bloody mary.

Joining me below were (L-R):

Please let it be known that I didn't put balloons on the back of my chair.  Just an optical illusion, my friends, from the party behind us!

We girls had a great time brunching and enjoying some girl talk.

There's just nothing like a good girl date.

Thanks, Christin, for paying Charlotte a visit, and please know that you are always welcome back!


Yummiest Ever Barbeque Chicken Pizza

Weekend dinners are some of my favorites because it's the time that we allow ourselves to splurge a little.  Our favorites weekend choices: pizza, Chinese takeout, Mexican food.  See -- we exhibit hardly any restraint at all!

Last Sunday evening for our dinner on the patio, I put together a pizza that was so yummy -- and easy, too.  I don't always take culinary shortcuts, but during the weekend I'd rather be enjoying a glass of wine, chatting with Ian, and not running around my kitchen like a madwoman and losing my temper.  That frequently never happens. 

Barbeque Chicken Pizza

Premade pizza crust (I used Mama Mary's Thin & Crispy)
Rotisserie chicken (our grocery store has them $4.99 on Sundays)
Barbeque sauce
Cheddar Cheese
Olive Oil

I cooked mine on a Pampered Chef pizza stone -- I love this for even baking and the tastiest crust ever.

Chop and rinse your cilantro (maybe one of my most favorite herbs, evah!).  Set aside to dry.

Assemble your ingredients and pull apart some of the rotisserie chicken.

Lightly coat the outer edges of the crust in olive oil for nice browning.  I use a silicone basting brush for this.

Add the barbeque sauce as the base and make sure to leave an outer edge.

Top with your roasted chicken.

Add a generous amount of cilantro!

And of course, don't forget the cheddar cheese.

LOTS of cheddar cheese. 
Don't judge.
It's the weekend.

Bake according to pizza crust instructions.

Once cooled, slice into wedges.  Or squares if you're crazy wild.

And if you're like us, patio food tastes best on fun melamine plates.

What's your favorite weekend splurge food?

PS - A huuuuge thanks to sweet Katie at Miss Dixie for her wonderful guest post yesterday.  I added so many of her recommendations to my shopping wishlist!


Guest Post: Katie of Miss Dixie

Hey everyone! I'm Katie and you can find me over at Miss Dixie sharing the latest on my life at the beach, fashions, interiors and food. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be here today guest posting! A. Liz Adventures has been one of my favorite blogs to read for quite some time know, the type of blog where you see there is a new post and you have to click immediately to read it! April and I have actually been emailing on a thread of a comment I left her weeks ago when we were all giving our input on what haircut she should go with- yep, I knew you remembered. Love her hair by the way. Anyway, we found out we have a little in common- I actually live on the coast of NC where she grew up visiting her grandparents! Small world, right? She had the fantastic idea of this post today, so I hope you enjoy a little peek at some of my essentials for the upcoming beach season! 

+1 Karen Walker Sunnies, I've wanted a pair of these for so long. I think they are absolutely perfect in the tortoise. Hint, hint to my husband if he followed my guest post all the way here ;)

+2 Nothing is better than a white terry cover up you can simply just pull on- no fuss. Make sure to check this one out, the back is ah-dorable. I require a cover up that can go from beach to boat rides to dock to handling the dogs. Something that is cute but most importantly comfortable.

+3 I'll be honest, this is a little fancy for a beach tote, but how cute? Lilly P makes this simple yet glam bag. Other ideas for a beach tote- I use Scout coolers that velcro at the top. Perfect for an easy afternoon, but also keeps your sunscreen, chapstick etc cool inside.

+4 I leave the good stuff at home {at least, I try to remember to} but I'm not ashamed to say I do wear a little jewelry on the beach! These are cost conscious and oh-so-cute.

+5 Neutrogena has the best sunscreen, hands down. I just picked up two of these at Rite Aid {buy one get one half!}, and I know they won't last long. We go through sunscreen like crazy, and this stuff even works on wet skin!

+6  This little glass is a girl's best friend. Go Vino glasses go with us on all of our boat rides- shatterproof and they look amazingly like a real glass. Wine always tastes better out of a glass, right?!

+7 I am hooked on this Loreal EverCreme when I need to deep condition my hair. It smells so good though, I want to do it every single day. I am impressed with this entire line for hair therapy- it works wonders!

+8 I'm going to invest a few dollars into these Tory Burch flip flops this spring. Wear them on a beach day but still pull them off with a maxi dress or white jeans at night!

+9 This True Blue body buff is a favorite of mine to prep for the beach and to clean up from it. I use it a few mornings a week on my legs and arms for smooth skin, and then after a beach day it is the perfect way to wash away the sunscreen and salt!

+10 My newest lip love, Dior Addict Lip Glow, which actually works with your chemistry to create the perfect shade for your lips. Mine is a medium pink and I love it! My Mom and sister both bought it {different complexions} and love it as well.

This post has me all sorts of inspired to get myself truly ready for beach season. I would love to hear what your summer and beach essentials are, stop by anytime at Miss Dixie and say hello!

A big thank you to April for having me today, I am so honored! And since it's almost the weekend, I'll go ahead and say it- have a fabulous rest of your week and an even better weekend ladies! 

xo, Katie


A. Liz Designs and Brightlife

Recently, Megan from Fried Green Pickles shared a wonderful post spotlighting a cause that is very near and dear to her heart.  Her post on the upcoming Brightlife Tee It Up golf tournament was very meaningful to me as well since the story was so touching.

Brightlife has a very informative website, and here is the explanation of this cause:

BrightLife is an organization that was formed by friends of Tim and Jenny Bright. Tim and Jenny got married in April of 2010, three months after Tim was diagnosed with colon cancer. Tim is still battling the disease today. “Bright” is more than just Tim’s surname; it also describes his character as he emulates “bright” in all he does.  Throughout his battle Tim has held the same positive, “bright” attitude and is an inspiration to everyone!

Jenny and Tim
Photo from Brightlife

Tim is young -- far too young to be going through this.  Megan is sorority sisters with his wife, so she and her fiance are very connected to this couple.  Even though I have never met them, I felt a strong connection to this cause as well.  My husband Ian lost both his father and his grandfather to colon cancer.  I never had a chance to meet either of those great men.

So calling all of you Greenvillians (and surrounding area dwellers)!  This coming Monday, the 23rd, is the golf tournament.  Later that evening is a dinner with a silent auction.  Even if you don't golf, please consider going to the dinner!  Dinner tickets are only $15 ($20 at the door) and you'll be able to bid on some pretty fun items.  Click here to register for the event.

I donated a piece of jewelry from my A. Liz Designs shop for the silent auction -- a very small way to play a part in such a worthy cause.

So, buy your ticket, buy that necklace, and remember how precious life can truly be!


Who's Your Doppleganger: Raven's Link Up

Raven wants to know -- who's your doppelganger?

You know, the celeb you constantly get compared to.  Some comparisons might be a compliment, some might be far from it.

So, shall we begin?  Here we go.  Starting point -- me.

Doppelganger 1
When this ad came out, all I heard about was my resemblance to the gal in the middle.  The one with the '80s poufy hair.  What do you think?  I honestly think it's sort of spot-on.

Doppelganger 2
My sweet husband thinks I'm a ringer for Anne Hathaway.  I think he's much too nice and probably trying to get something.

Doppelganger 3
I recently got an email from my aunt telling me that my twin was in the latest Southern Living magazine.  She said, "I can even see you wearing an outfit like the one she has on!"  The girl is quite pretty and I am totally coveting her outfit (and green thumb).  I could only HOPE I looked like her.

Raven got a hoot with her results from the My Heritage site.  Here's who they linked me up with, in order of "matchability" -- and there's Anne Hathaway again!  Maybe my husband is onto something.

Please excuse the mugshot worthy self-portrait, complete with horrible florescent lighting.  You're instructed to take a forward-facing, straight-faced picture.

So, what say you -- Classmates ad, Anne Hathaway, Southern Living chick, other?

And more importantly, who's your doppelganger?

Make sure to visit Raven's post today for the link-up of other bloggers and their doppelgangers.
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