Workin' On My Fitness

Working in a health-related field, you would think that I make workouts a priority every day.  Well -- let's just say that I have a little room for improvement.  Staying healthy overall is a daily goal I strive to meet, but sometimes I find myself in a predicament like I did last Friday ... it was 2pm and my calorie tracker on My Fitness Pal showed that I had 127 calories left to consume to stay under goal for the rest of the day.  Yikes.

Double yikes was that I'd already planned on having copious amounts of red wine and Chinese takeout that evening to soothe a bad day.  So, that happened.  And it was more than 127 calories.

The easiest way to offset that situation would have been to get in a post-work workout, which didn't happen this time around, but it's something that I'm vowing to make a priority this week.

Sexy Arms in just 6 Weeks

Arms are a big priority to me, especially after I stumbled upon some wedding photos last night, reminding me what they are capable of looking like (most certainly different than how they look now).  

I do keep a 5lb and 10lb free weight under the couch for commercial breaks, but I need to improve the frequency on using them.

Arm Toning Exercises

One thing that I truly believe is that a gym membership can make working out easier, but it's not a necessity. There are so many exercises you can do at home using your own body weight as resistance. I need to print out this chart below as a reminder of a 6-minute workout that can be done at home or in a hotel room on a towel while I'm traveling.

So, this week I vow to do the following:
// Do some sort of workout every day, logging any neighborhood walks on my Map My Run app
// Make a concerted effort to eat healthier and log my calories on the My Fitness Pal app
// Always have my water bottle nearby
// Stick to our detox Monday and detox Tuesday schedule (no alcohol these nights)

If you are on My Fitness Pal and want to see what I'm logging for exercise and nutrition, you can find me there under the username April8228.

To keep me accountable, I'll share my week's progress on Friday's 5 On Friday post.  Feel free to join along!


  1. Go YOU! Weights under the couch?! I love it.

    I've been pretty good about logging in to MFP recently, but I maaaaayyy fudge a little when it comes to tracking my wine intake.

  2. I love the weights by the couch idea! I use to get on my stability ball and do crunches during commercials. I need to start doing that again :)

  3. I got a Living Social deal to The Dailey Method and I am loving it! Really trying to get into some sort of routine as well. These classes really work me out!

  4. I was doing so well with MFP until a few weeks ago - I really need to get back to it! pinned these workouts, I need to get back to the gym!

  5. I usually keep weights under our couch too - but they were banished to the closet a few weeks ago when we had house guests with a dog who thought they looked like a rubber covered bone...this post inspired me to dig them out of the closet! Thanks!

  6. That is so funny that you posted this today! I just posted almost the exact same thing with out even seeing yours first. Haha! We can keep each other accountable along the way :) Good luck!

  7. You are in such good shape, and I guess the fact that you keep weights handy are a testament to that! I'm definitely renewing my commitment to fitness, and this post is very inspiring!

  8. Thanks so much for the inspiration!! I just busted out a good 20 minute arm workout while watching tv.

  9. I just started feeling more motivation lately and hitting the gym..these will be great additions! Thanks :)

  10. Well first of all - you already have a great figure!!

    BUT - I totally get this. I've been doing detox Monday's for the last year but I like the idea of adding Tuesdays too.

    My favorite arm workout is this bad boy:

    It's super fast and I've even had Joel do it with me before and he didn't hate it either!

  11. Thank you for adding these arm workouts. I will definitely incorporate them in this week. I will probably try that first one tonight actually! Also, glad to read your detox Monday and Tuesday comment. I feel bad sometimes that I don't detox Monday-Friday. Glad I'm not the only one ;)

  12. I need to start using MFP! I go to pure body in ralegh and love it. Its just a fitness studio so all the offer are classes. I got into Hot Yoga and I am addicted!

  13. Love the weights during commercial breaks idea! My arms definitely need some toning!

  14. LOVE these arm routines! After a few weeks of slacking I have been getting my butt in gear every day this week. Today I tried this arm routine and it seriously burned-


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