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Back before I saw that glorious word, "PREGNANT," on that little white plastic stick, I decided to set up an email account for our future baby. We were hoping, hoping, hoping to add to our family, and the very first email that I wrote our daughter was just when she was up in heaven waiting to come down and join our wild crew. :)

Setting up the account took no more than a minute, and I went with a generic email address that would suit a boy or a girl. Since then, I've been sending her emails occasionally. When she is old enough, I'll give her the email address and password so she can read them.

I keep the emails short and sweet so that keeping up with them never seems like a burden. It's just a nice way of letting her know about milestones in our pregnancy (when we had our pregnancy confirmed, when we found out she was a girl, greetings from our babymoon, sweet things her dad has said about her). 

I wanted to share this idea with you all since anyone can do it! It's quick, easy, and costs nothing ... but hopefully one day will be something that our daughter considers to be priceless. 


Week 38 Pregnancy Journal

How Far Along? 38 weeks

Size of Baby: A leek (19.75 inches). Our baby weighs approximately 6.8 lbs now (just for a point of reference, I was 7.1 when I was born ... Ian was 7.11)

Gender: Our sweet little girl.

Weight Gain: Whooo-hoo, I finally got the weight gain I was looking for! I gained three, yes THREE pounds from last week's weight, so up a total of 19 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, or 22 pounds from my lowest pregnancy weight. Sweet relief to know baby is growing well!

Maternity Clothes: Heavens yes. Loving maxi dresses for the ease!

Nursery: We purchased and set up our baby monitor, hung art on the walls, and I ran one more load of baby laundry this weekend in Dreft detergent, which smells like a sweet newborn baby. Ian and Dad added a dimmer switch to her room so that we can keep the lights down low during late night feedings and diaper changes. I plan to share the nursery pictures next week and can't wait.

Movement: Like crazy. I hate to say it, but almost to the point of being uncomfortable now. Don't get me wrong, I still love it and I know that I'll miss it, but she is just so big now that when she moves around, I feel it all over. Gone are the days of the little flicks here and there. :)

Symptoms: According to everyone, I've "dropped" which means that it looks like baby is descending a bit. Also, a new one this week -- a stinging, burning sensation around my right side where her little foot sticks out. It stung so badly the first time it happened that I literally asked Ian to look at it and see if my skin was breaking open. Obviously, I knew that wasn't the case, but that is how it felt. The doctor today said it was quite common and nothing to worry about. Other than that, I've been quite tired for the past few days. It's my goal to be better about lights out at 10pm from now until she is here!

One more symptom to mention, which I've mentioned before but now it's at an all-time high: the belly skin sensitivity. Everyday motions like rinsing out a glass at the sink or brushing my teeth are pretty crummy because I hate it when my belly brushes up against anything at all. Ew.

Sleep: Dozing off well, and often waking up once to shuffle to the restroom. According to Ian, I've started snoring a little bit (I guess due to the extra weight?). So that is lovely. Oh, and isn't this cute either, we've added in a towel under my side of the bed just in case we have a water-breakage situation happening during the night. Wow ... are we really there yet?!

(update: after reading a few of the comments, just wanted to clarify that we do have a waterproof cover on our new mattress, and the towel is currently on top of that ... just to help "catch" any water, ha!)

Cravings: No major cravings, but enjoying smaller and more frequent meals (like grazing over apps) a lot more than large, heavy meals. Still thinking Honey Nut Cheerios each morning are the cat's meow.

What I Miss: Walking without getting bad lower back pain afterwards. Also, a cute big tummy with no pain -- now it just constantly feels like the skin is stretched to the limit. Sushi also sounds amazing!

Best Moment This Week: Having Mom and Dad in town for Easter. It was awesome. Mom doesn't get tired of me pulling out all of baby girl's clothes and accessories from the closet and showing them to her one-by-one. Also, I think we may have figured out what my dad's grandfather name is going to be. :)

Looking Forward To: BABY. I seriously can't wait for the labor experience (I might take back that statement later) and we just want to meet her, bad bad bad. Ian's even more ready than I am -- he would have us in the hospital tonight if he could. Still enjoying our couple time though as well as our quiet nights and mornings!


A Simple Easter Brunch

I'm really pleased with how our Easter brunch turned out this year. It was simple and tasty -- nothing that had me feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen. Because nobody likes a crying pregnant girl holding a dripping spatula in one hand and a burned frittata in the other.

Mom and Dad came in to town Saturday, and while Dad and Ian spent the day crossing off "honey-do" list items, Mom and I went to one of my favorite baby boutiques and got lost in a sea of smocked dresses, soft blankies, and heavenly-scented baby bath products. I picked up some Noodle & Boo hair and body wash (this one) for the little bambina. That product line is just the sweetest!

Later that night, we all had dinner at Nolen Kitchen and then went to Ten Park Lanes, a bowling alley that is different than your "typical" bowling alley. Think retro bowling alley meets biergarten meets creative restaurant, with live music. We ended up going to bed after midnight and it was totally worth the late night. Too much fun.

So there's the background of how the low-key brunch came to be ... but it was still beautiful!              

The table setting this year was a lot simpler than last year, all due to the fact that Ian has banned my big-bellied self from going up to the attic. He tried hunting for my gold bunnies and all of the other springtime decor items but could not locate them. So, simple we went.

After a rain-filled Saturday, we were gifted with the most amazing sunny Sunday, birds chirping and all. We opened the doors in the dining room and were able to appreciate the awesome day as we brunched.

For the menu, I started off by perusing my Pinterest boards, came up with a few ideas, and then just never went to the grocery store. But after a quick inventory of my fridge and cupboard, I figured out that we had enough ingredients already on hand to put together a pretty awesome brunch!

We had:
   + Sliced Strawberries with sugar and mint leaves
   + Lemon poppyseed muffins with almond glaze
   + Sausage balls

I thought the menu was great, and I loved that I had everything on hand already. Score!

After eating, we planted some plants and seeds in the backyard, and then I drove Mom and Dad to the hospital to make sure they are comfortable with where to park and enter. It's getting real, y'all!

Hope your Easter was just as relaxed and special.


Five On Friday

Time for Five On Friday with my lovely cohostesses ChristinaDarci, and Natasha! Please do join us this week, won't you?

Sunday afternoon I visited the mall for a little day of beauty ... I had my haircut at Carmen Carmen (two inches off and it was SO needed) and then went downstairs to the MAC counter. I bought an amazing lip product that I am just loving -- MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass in Full Speed Ahead ($20 here, free shipping, free returns).

I'm absolutely loving the color for the warmer temps, and it stays on (and super-shiny) for a crazy long time.

Amazon Prime, you amaze me. 

I ordered a baby monitor for us Wednesday night at 9:30 before getting ready for bed, and when I got home from work at 5:45 on Thursday, it was already sitting on the countertop. How does that happen?!

After tons of research and reviews galore, we went with the Levana Stella (not either of the brands I was originally looking at)... if you have any experience with this monitor, I'd love to hear your two cents!

Loved meetingup with Kristen for lunch this week at Brixx! She is just a joy to be around. A true joy.

I couldn't make it this week to the Gorgeous Glo & BLo OuT Lake Norman pre-launch party, but I was hooked up with the most thoughtful swag bags from the event! I've had my hair done at the BLo ouT in South Park before but I just can't wait to see the new digs at Lake Norman! To me, a spray tan and a blow-out sound like the absolute perfect way to spend an afternoon with a girlfriend ... followed by patio drinks, of course :)

Gorgeous GLO and BLo ouT - Lake Norman
Jetton Village Shopping Center
19826 N. Cove Rd, Ste B
Cornelius, NC 28031

One event that I did make it out to this week was last night's Petal party hosted by Emily and Bre. They had champagne, sweets, and mocktails (yay!) in addition to the most gorgeous clothes and accessories. I loved seeing these girls and catching up. My clothes purchasing is a bit on hold at the moment, but I found some great spring and summer inspiration for post-baby shopping. Thanks ladies for hosting this girly event!

Now, your turn to link up. I'd love to read your five! Any five things on your mind will do. Just link to one or all of the hostess sites and insert the logo below. Then link up with us and you are set!


Easter Brunch Planning + Fly Belly Maternity Giveaway Winner

Before launching in to today's post, a big congratulations to the winner of the $25 Fly Belly Maternity credit...

Paige said...
I'd go with your tuxedo shirt in slate! I saw that pic on instagram and thought you looked great!
Congratulations to Paige of New Mama Notes! Please email me at and I'll put you in touch with the fine folks at Fly Belly Maternity. :) Thanks again to Liz for this awesome giveaway opportunity! Make sure to follow them on social media for all sorts of fun updates:


As I mentioned yesterday, my parents are coming up to spend Easter with us this year. I'm so excited to see them ... hurry up, weekend! 

Easter Sunday we will just plan on doing a brunch at home, so it's time to start a little menu planning. Pinterest boards to the rescue! Here are some ideas I'm loving for a spring brunch.

Lemon Sticky Rolls

Breakfast Christmas Morning - Brown Sugar Baked Bacon

Easter - some great ideas for food and decorating

Use plastic eggs and Fruity Pebbles cereal to make these cute Easter Egg Cereal Treats! My kids will LOVE these!

Easter bird's nests with pretzels, marshmallows, and speckled chocolate eggs. Shaped in a muffin tin.

I also need to plan out a cute little tablescape, which will probably look really similar to last year's below.

I'd love to hear about your Easter plans this year. What's on tap for you?


My Easter Wishlist ... This Year Versus Last Year

This is such an in-between year for Easter for me. Last year it was "bring on the mimosas!" and next year will be "honey can you warm that milk up for us?" ... and this year I'm just in limbo. No baby yet, no adorable Easter basket to put together, and (the saddest part) no champagne in my OJ.

A travesty!

So in a little different style, here is my 2014 Easter Basket Wishlist.

Easter Basket Wishlist 2014

Candy cravings these days ... citrus-based, go figure. Peachy o-rings and Starburts, yum!

I think Baby needs this Aden + Anais hooded towel and washcloth set, so very sweet.

A Lilly Pulitzer Murfee scarf like this floral one is pretty, colorful, and would also be an easy and stylish nursing coverup. Yes, please!

My oh my, how did that gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring get in the set?

Who ever thought I'd get so excited over something like this, but this Beaba baby food maker would be so very, very awesome. It steams, blends, purees, warms, defrosts ... all in one BPA-free bowl for easy clean-up. A powerhouse, if you ask me.

And just for fun, here's last year's wishlist. My sister ended up buying the Wasabi Pear Nest candle for me and it smelled delicious! Good gracious, Nest makes an amazingly wonderful candle.
Easter Basket Wishlist

What's on your wishlist this year?
Enjoy a nice mimosa for me.
Heavy on the champers, just a splash of OJ. ;)


Week 37 Pregnancy Journal

How Far Along? 37 weeks (fun fact: full term!)

Size of Baby: Swiss chard (19.25 inches). Our baby weighs approximately 6.3 lbs now.

Gender: Our sweet little girl.

Weight Gain: Down a pound this week, so up a total of 16 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight -- since I lost three pounds in the first trimester, up 19 pounds total from my lowest pregnancy weight. With the way I've been eating, I am not really sure why I'm down a pound, but I plan to discuss that with my doctor this afternoon. Baby Girl must be one hungry little sweet pea!

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes. And missing my regular clothes. Wearing my Fly Belly tuxedo shirt in this week's photo which I love. Don't forget to enter the $25 credit giveaway which ends this week!

Nursery: Just have to put a few more things on the walls and set up the monitor (which we haven't yet purchased).

Movement: Absolutely, positively. Plus she gets hiccups about once daily now! It is so stinking cute. She also loves to stick her little heel out on my right side, creating a pretty funny little protrusion.

Symptoms: Just feeling like I have a really large belly! Occasional lower back pain if I overdo it.

Sleep: Sleeping pretty darn well, considering.

Cravings: Sweet tea. Grapefruit. Not really craving chocolate or peanut butter as I once was. Don't get me wrong, I'll eat it and love it, just not consuming it in the mass quantities like before.

What I Miss: Nothing major, although a weekend mimosa or a date nite glass of sauvignon blanc sounds awesome.

Best Moment This Week: This weekend I had a fabulous 75 minute prenatal massage at Edamame ... absolute bliss. Cassie there is the BEST. I also had a really great meeting with our doula. We discussed labor signs and lots more "last minute" details. I never get tired of talking about pregnancy, labor and birth with people who can stand it. :)

Looking Forward To: Our next doctor appointment this afternoon, and an upcoming visit from my parents this weekend for Easter!

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