Five On Friday ... and TGIF.

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Happy, happy, happy, happy Friday! I will be thrilled to turn on my out-of-office message today at 5:00pm on the dot. Next week is vacation week for us, and I could not be more excited! Time for some major R+R as we trade in our "mama and dada" hats for "April and Ian" hats. I know we will miss Camille like crazy, but we have been super excited for a little getaway to enjoy some great top-shelf liquor, errrrr I mean BOOKS.

(but seriously, I am geekily excited to claim this as my "official" vacation book)


Last night, Ian was out of town for work, so I decided to partake in my favorite single-gal behavior. I indulged in yummy Chinese takeout, had a few large pours of sauv blanc, and ate a pack of M+Ms (out of the freezer -- yum) while watching Real Housewives of NYC on demand. It rocked.

I mentioned recently that I used The Bouqs to send a few bouquets for Mothers Day. I ended up being able to see one of the arrangements in person when we visited my mom down at the lakehouse. Her pale yellow potted orchid was lovely! It had two stems, both bearing several blossoms, and we were all really impressed by the quality.

Non-sponsored opinion here -- I was wooed by their beautiful (and not overwhelmingly large) collection and the straightforward, "no hidden fees" policy. One thing that really irks me about typical flower delivery companies is that the $29.99 bouquet you click on ends up costing you $58 by the time it's said and done. Right?! So that is what won me over. One price. No extra fees. Streamlined and simple.

Make sure to check out their lovely new peony collection ... stunning.

I also would love to be the lucky recipient of these pink tea roses. HINT HINT HUSBAND

If you are in the market for beautiful flowers to be delivered to someone special (or yourself, I mean why not?!), you can use this invitation link to earn a free bouquet worth $40 with your first purchase!

Sale alert -- the striped dress I wore for Camille's party is on sale (here)! I just adore this dress and was so comfortable all day in it. Depending on the color you choose, it's currently only $20 or $25. It is also a great work dress with a cardigan over it. I have worn a kelly green cardi over my pink and white striped dress and it's a really cute look. Gotta love a dress you can throw in the washing machine and dryer, too. Ain't nobody got time for dry cleaning.

Finally, just wanted to say that I had a wonderful time at a get-together at Kendra Scott at South Park Mall the other night! I was able to pick up some gorgeous earrings for our upcoming vacation...

I went with the mother of pearl earrings after much debate. The color is lovely, and I like that they will go with so many outfits! I chose the Danielle style which is the larger version.


TGIF y'all, and hope you will join in on Five on Friday this week! Cheers to the weekend!


Camille's Bubble-Themed 1st Birthday Party

Camille's bubble-themed first party was so much fun. Here are some snapshots from the day. It is a day I could easily relive over and over ... her joy seeing all of her friends around her was infectious! It did confuse her a little bit when everyone was singing to her, but then she got into it ... and went in for the prize -- the delicious buttercream-frosted smash cake!

We had just over thirty family members and friends in attendance (11 of those being kids) so it was a great crowd. The men enjoyed sitting on the screened porch watching the golf tournament. We had a few things set up for the children to do -- Camille's new water table was a HUGE hit. We'd also asked friends of ours with a two-year old to borrow some toys, so we had a soccer goal, t-ball, and several balls scattered around the back yard. An outdoor blanket in the shade had baby toys on it for the youngest kids. Oh, and a pinata, because every party needs a pinata!

For this 3:00 party, we kept food very simple. Cups of Goldfish and cake! We also had bottled water, juice boxes for children, a beverage tub with some beer and a "bubbly bar" with champagne and orange juice and passion fruit juice as mixers.

The weather ended up being absolutely lovely. It was the perfect, perfect day.

Camille's daycare teacher made the balloon sign below. We love her! She was at the party, but I don't have any photos in this post (I'm sort of strange about never posting any photos of where she goes to daycare ... probably too overprotective of me). But I was so happy she was able to join us for the party and we did get some adorable pictures with her. 

With her very loving grandmothers, Bunny and Mimi.

Cake and smask cake: Harris Teeter
Pink pinata: Hobby Lobby
Bubbles and "1" party hat: Party City
Gold + white dot napkins: Paper Source
Pink plates and gold forks: Hobby Lobby
White bubble gumballs (cake topper): Target
Invitation, "ONE" banner, bubble labels, water bottle labels: Etsy (here)
Camille's bubble outfit: Handmade by my mom!


Earrings For Mexico

I'm so excited for our upcoming Mexico trip (just husband + wife!) to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary. Packing has been SO fun, and anyone who knows me knows that I rarely pack in advance. I'm more of a last-minute girl. But the packing has already commenced, and it's been a lot of fun getting ready for this much needed vacay!

I haven't done too much shopping for clothes or bathing suits ... my dresser drawers are full enough as it is. But as a Mother's Day gift, Ian offered to treat me to something new to wear for vacation. I'm thinking that it's time to purchase my first pair of Kendra Scott earrings! They would be such a fun item to pack in my bag and get excited about wearing during one or two of the dinners out.

So ... what color do I go with? Chalcedony, white mother-of-pearl, or yellow?

What's your vote?


The Baby Is TWELVE Months

Wow, baby! Look at you!

If I had a quarter for every time your Dada and I talked about time flying by, your first year's tuition at Furman would be paid (wink). 

There's not a day that goes by that we are not talking about how fun you are. All babies are glorious, but you are also COOL. You have a very distinct and unique personality.

We are incredibly in love with you and everything you do.

Wearing: You're in 12 month clothes and 12-18 month clothes. You have some 18-month jammies that we occasionally put you in, but there is definitely room to grow. You are in size 3 diapers for day and night, and Pampers is our brand of choice. 

Talking: You have a big voice and you love to talk and holler. Here are the words you can say: Mama, Dada, book, duck, dog-dog. You love pointing at things and saying "DAT!" when you want them. You have a lot of tricks, and this month we've conquered "How big is the baby?" (you put your hands up high as we say "soooooo big!") and "Are you a boy?" (you shake your head no). You also go "night night" and lay your head down whereever you are -- on a pillow, on the couch, in your birthday cake. You can point to things we ask about, and if we say "Hello, hello?" you hold your hand up to your ear like a phone. 

Moving: Crawling so quickly and standing/balancing on your own, but no independent walking yet without holding our hands or holding on to a walker. You are soooo close!

Sleep: You are sleeping from 7p-7a, taking two 30 minute naps a day on the weekends, and taking one hour-long afternoon nap at daycare. 

Eating: You are off purees and you are doing finger foods only. We are just wrapping up our nursing journey together and you will soon be given cow's milk. 

You are still in the 2nd room at daycare but will likely be transitioning up to the next room in June. You love your teacher and she loves you. She tells us that you cheer on the younger babies as they accomplish new tricks (like sitting at the big table and eating table food) and that your signature move is bringing books to the new kid in the class. You are now the oldest baby out of four in the room.

We will not be doing monthly updates any longer, which is probably a good thing, because you hate the stickers I put on your white onesie. Getting a good shot before you rip up the sticker or try to hurl yourself off the chair is proving to be a challenge. Sayonara, monthly updates! But I'm glad we did them, because while I feel as if you still look like my little newborn baby, I see that I'm wrong. You have grown and changed so much. 

Love you, dear baby. You are our world, our whole world. 

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