My Wedding Veil & Headpieces

When I first started looking for wedding dresses and veils, I have to be honest ... I was blown away by the cost of veils.  Don't get me wrong; I think a veil is one of the prettiest parts of a wedding ensemble.  It can be fantasticly dramatic or it can be sweetly demure.  I appreciate all of the handiwork that is put into some really intricate veils.  But what I was seeing ... was mainly plain-jane veils with almost no intricacy whatever that cost a staggering amount.

Mom casually mentioned to me one day that perhaps I should look at hers.  YA'LL.  I'd seen it before, but I'd never really looked at it as a bride-to-be.  One glance and I was head over heels in love.  I knew that I would wear it for my wedding day.  It is the most beautiful veil I have ever seen.

Mom purchased the veil in 1979 in Fayetteville, NC.  She can't recall the name of the shop, but she did purchase the veil before she even had a dress selected!  And.... would you believe that she actually paid more for her veil than she did for her dress?  I think she said it was around $250 at that time.  My Aunt Beth also wore the veil for her wedding, which I believe was in 1988 or 1989.

Mom's veil was mounted on a cap, which was very stylish during that time.  Prior to my wedding, we hired someone to gingerly remove it from the cap and attach it to a comb.  It was just perfect with my all-lace dress.

Because the veil is fragile and sentimental, I opted to change out of it after the ceremony.  And I changed into not one, but two different headpieces!  I actually made them both.  The first is a birdcage veil which I just adored:

You can see a hint of yellow at the back.  I attached the veil and clips to some light yellow flowers.  Yellow was one of my wedding colors and it is also my favorite color.  Even my dear friend who is with the Peace Corps in Africa now (and was unable to attend the wedding) emailed me to say she'd seen the picture of that veil and was so happy to see that I snuck my favorite color into the design of it!

The birdcage veil was worn for our entrance, dinner, cake cutting, and first dance.  While Ian was dancing with his mother, I was whisked away by my wedding planners for a change into this sassier peony clip that I also made:

I loved how this one turned out.  I also changed earrings that point into some stunners that belonged to my grandmother.  They were clip-ons but I converted them into post earrings since I have pierced ears.

I was recently contacted by a blog reader who asked me if I'd be interested in making her a birdcage veil for her wedding.  Of course I said YES!  I am so excited to be part of her beautiful wedding day later this summer.  Here is a picture I sent her of the finished product:

It's on the way to her now.  And for anyone else interested in the how-to on this birdcage veil, I'll be posting a tutorial soon!  And of course if you'd like for me to make one for you, just say the word.  :)

Okay, off to the wonderful city of Memphis for work -- have a great day!


  1. You are so talented! I love the sassy look you changed into at the end of the night and you already know I love that veil! I might have to find a way to sneak into your family so I can wear it, ha!

  2. Beautiful! Three veils in one day :)

    P.S. They're going to take a look at your blog to see if you'll fit for any blog giveaways! I heard back from him about it last night.

  3. GREAT idea posting the tutorial!! my mom wore a white lace mantilla at her wedding and I hope I'm able to wear it to mine! I love the incorporation of family and tradition into a brand new celebration.

  4. so gorgeous! all your headpieces :) I love your mom's veil...especially the sentimental value attached to it.

  5. You made those!!! WOW!! They are awesome!!
    I too, was overwhelmed by the cost of a veil. I didn't wear one. I factored in that:
    #1. I didn't feel right with one on.
    #2. I wanted a birdcage but with the dress I picked out it wouldn't have looked right.
    #3. Brad did not want me to wear one.
    #4. Didn't want to spend the money.

  6. Wow, I love all of those looks!

  7. wow! wow! wow!

    First of all, I think it is extremely impressive that you were able to take the time to make all those accessory changes throughout the evening. What fun details! 3 veils? amazing.

    Second of all, I am considering wearing my mom's veil too. However, it has a tiara attached (definitely not my style). Do you have any CLT recommendations for where I can take my veil and have it altered into a comb instead?

    Lastly, WHERE did you find the Peony flower? I MUST make that for my wedding. I have been scouring Etsy for months looking for the perfect flower and they are so darn expensive (like $80!). You just inspired me to make my own! Tutorial, puh-lease!!!!

  8. I love this. I also wore my mom's veil. I was blown away with the cost of just plain ole tool on a comb so we pulled Mom's out of storage and it was beautiful! Her's was also on a cap and we had it removed and placed on a comb! My mom was so thrilled and we saved some money along the way!

  9. i am right in the middle of trying to figure out what do with about my veil.

    decisions decisions!

    love that you rocked 3 looks on your wedding day! beautiful!

  10. oh my gawd! I love that LONG VEIL FROM YOUR MOM!!!!!!!!!!! SO GORGEOUS! love, love, love.

    and p.s. totally do the mask, it's amazing. But, yes ... wait for the hubs to leave. HA!

  11. I love how you changed the veil, hair pieces and earrings throughout the night for a different look and to incorporate all the special things. Wow, April - you are so talented! You're going into the veil making business now!

    Safe travels!

  12. How special that you wore your mom's veil! My mother also had a very intricate veil, but I haven't seen it since I was a little girl. I can only imagine how much those veils would cost today!

    Love the bird cage headpiece too. You are so talented :)

  13. you did a great job!

    my veil was like 180 dollars, it was INSANE! but you are right, it really was one of the most beautiful parts!

  14. I have a special veil story too! :-) My great grandmother bought some Belgium lace in Belgium for my mom to wear as her veil when she got married. My mom didn't want to do, the lace veil just has been kept untouched for all of these years. . .UNTIL I wore it for my wedding! :-)

  15. I felt the same way when I first started looking, some of them are sooo expensive!

  16. I love that you were able to wear your mom's veil, but also create something that utilized your favorite color and personality. The tutorial sounds like a great idea!

  17. aww i love it ;) i just posted on my blog about possibly considering wearing my mom's vail for my wedding because i thought it also was stunning! :) great idea to create your own headpieces!

  18. April, you are so talented!! I love the birdcage that you made. Amazing! Your mom's veil is so beautiful and was perfect for your dress. I wanted to wear my mom's veil too but unfortunately it was more yellow than white!

  19. Wow your mom's veil is absolutely beautiful! And I am so impressed with the headpieces you made!

  20. Wow! Your mom's veil is stunning. I actually ordered my dress and purchased my veil this afternoon. My veil is of the sweetly demure type : ) But I can't see myself wearing it for the reception. I LOVE the birdcage veil you made--that's exactly what I'm hoping to do. I'm excited to see the tutorial, but if I'm not crafty enough, I may be taking you up on that offer. You should sell these in your Etsy shop!

  21. Oh my goodness amazing!!! You look stunning wearing each and every piece :) I love that you wore your Mom's veil too! So pretty! xo

  22. wow! your veil is insaneeeely gorgeous!


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