Five On Friday: Happy Valentines Day!

It's time for another edition of Five on Friday and I do hope you'll join along!

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I posted an updated belly pic on Instagram yesterday and thought I'd post here as well. :) I had my 32-week appointment on Wednesday and the baby is measuring perfectly and I'm up around 20lbs. My blood pressure was good and the baby's heartbeat was 135. My gestational diabetes appointment was Thursday morning, and that one also went great -- my nurse was really pleased with my results since I have added some more carbs back in to my diet!

I wanted to pass along this sweet homework assignment I was given at Camille's Music Together class this past Monday. The teacher, Melissa, encouraged all of us to choose a lullaby and sing it to our child before bed each day for the next week and be ready to report back to her.

Seems very simple, but I just chose the very easy "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and started this with Monday afternoon's nap. Since then, we have not missed a single time of me singing this song to her. We sit in the rocking chair, with her head resting over my belly, and I sing. I have been AMAZED at how much she seems to look forward to this ritual and how calm and serene she is as I sing to her.

So, if you're up for it, I challenge you to end each pre-bedtime ritual with a lullaby for the next week and let me know if your little one responds well!

They had this step-and-repeat outside of the music
class the other day. Check out this diva!

The Lilly patterned hairbows I make have been a huge hit on Instagram! I sell them there (@alizadventures) and here's the batch from last night. I still have two seahorse bows left (the others sold out) if you are interested. Let me know!

I wanted to thank all of you who responded to my post the other day about the fears I have about adding a second child to our family. I certainly am not alone in these fears, and it was so reassuring to hear from those of you who have walked in these shoes and assured me that the way I feel is completely normal. I loved the ideas about spending one-on-one time with Camille as much as possible even after the new baby is here (froyo date, here we come!). And someone else who emailed me personally encouraged me to take as much time in the hospital to really enjoy the new baby without feeling the pressure of splitting time with Camille. I loved that idea and won't be pressuring the hospital staff to discharge us early. :) Ian and I certainly have a lot of help between our eager-to-assist mothers, and we do already have a cleaning service that comes twice a month -- I won't be scared to wave my white flag and bump up the frequency of those visits if need be. I love the advice passed along to me of the love towards multiple children not being divided, but multiplied. Again, thank you all so much for your wisdom and encouragement!

From me to you, Happy Valentines Day! I hope your day is spent reflecting on those you love and those who you know love you.

Love is the answer:
Portrait session of April and Ian in Paris France by photographer Stacy Reeves:

TGIF y'all, and hope you will join in on Five on Friday this week! Cheers to the (love-filled) weekend!


  1. Look at that belly! You look amazing! Have a happy Valentines Day Darling.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! I am so glad that your pregnancy is going ok. You are a trooper handling GD with such grace. You are going to be such a great mom to both of your children!

  3. You look absolutely adorable! Cutest preggo ever! And you are going to be the best momma of 2, I just know it!

  4. You look glowing in that bump pic, from the front you don't even look pregnant! Awesome about carbs being added back a little, yay!!

  5. Love your kendra scott necklace! I've been wanting one like that so badly!!

  6. You look fabulous! Your belly is perfect :)

  7. I remember when Cam used to ask me to sing him songs before we read books, but there's something so sweet about singing to your baby!! LOVE those bows!! Can I clip them onto headbands (since little miss still doesn't have any hair)?? Have a great weekend!!

  8. I love the idea of singing the same lullaby, such a sweet way to build lasting memories!

  9. You look fantastic, Momma! You're all belly!

  10. So happy to have found your blog! I'm 32 weeks, also...with my 4th baby (this baby makes #5 but we've adopted, too)- so exciting! I absolutely love the idea of singing a lullaby each night, definitely going to start doing that. =) And your hair bows are adorable!

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