I'm Still In Love With...

One of my most favorite things to glean from blogs is advice. 

Fashion, makeup, skincare, organization, relationship advice.  Sometimes I find myself wondering -- does she still think that mascara is the best?  Does she still swear by that recipe, or has it been replaced with a better one?

So from my perspective, here are items I've blogged about before, that -- if you're curious like I am -- I'm still in love with.

Originally blogged January 2013 in Beauty Experimentation
I love using Aquaphor ($6) all year long.  Best moisturizer.  I literally use it from my face to the soles of my feet.
Source: via April on Pinterest

Seche Vite
Originally blogged January 2013 in At-Home Gel Manicure Review
Seche Vite ($8) was a revolutionary product for me to try.  I don't know how I made it 31 years without using it.  At-home manicures are now 100x better and easier with this product.  My nails have less air bubbles, less dings, more shine, more of a professional look.

Source: via April on Pinterest

Originally blogged November 2012 in If You Cook, And If You Grocery Shop
This app makes my life so much simpler.  If you're one that always has your phone with you (and always forgets to pick up that one item at the grocery store!) this will make your life simpler.  I promise it.  Grocery lists on the fly, and items in your cart can be removed from your virual list with the swipe of a finger.  Did I mention it's a free app?

Garnier BB Cream
Originally blogged July 2012 in Two Things I Love
I use Garnier BB Cream ($12) daily.  To me, it gives my skin the perfect primed base coat for makeup. 

Source: via April on Pinterest

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
Originally blogged January 2011 in Cold Weather Smoothie?
Pumpkin is filled with fiber and nutrients -- the perfect start to a day. I love this in chilly weather.  The canned pumpkin can be purchased on sale and used for several days in this smoothie -- just refrigerate it and cover the can with some foil.

I hope you liked this round-up of things I'm still crushing on. 
Have you tried any of these?


  1. Ooh I'd like to try that pumpkin smoothie!

  2. Got the BB cream from Garnier but it irritates the edge of my eye and causes weepy eye. I can't put it anywhere on my face (even keeping far away from my eye) or I will look like someone punched me in the eye all day. :(
    I want to try the Seche Vite, though!
    Have a great weekend,
    Lulu and Daisy

  3. Aquaphor is the best for so many winter skin issues - a must for my family! Need to buy Seche Vite!!! But unfortunately Garnier BB Cream makes me break out. I think it is the sunscreen in it. Wonder if I could get a BB Cream without it?

    Have a great weekend!!!

  4. I have an expensive BB cream, but I'd love to find one that's less expensive...maybe I'll have to try Garnier's!

  5. I started buying Seche Vite top coat a few years ago after it was written up in In Style magazine. I continue to love it, too!

  6. SO EXCITED you added the Zip List onto this post. I have never heard of if and cannot wait to use it now!

  7. I actually used that BB Cream and it's just not my favorite! It was extremely thick and it's smell was really offputting for me :( I still use it on the weekend instead of my primer + foundation + powder combo, but it's really just so I can finish the bottle!

  8. Thanks for recommending Seche Vite! I went out and bought it at Target today and am already obsessed.

  9. I love that you wrote this post. I always wonder the same thing (if bloggers are still in love with the products they mentioned x months ago).


  10. love this post! was thinking of doing a similar one on products I've learned about over the web/blogs, and are still regularly used.

    enjoying your blog!


  11. I have been thinking about trying BB cream recently. I got a sample from Sephora that I haven't tried yet but I wonder if it is any better than the Garnier one. It seems like everyone is always talking about it. I am definitely gonna have to try this pumpkin smoothie. :)


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