My Trip to Furbish Studio

Ever walk into a store and think, "I wonder if I hide under that fabulously reupholstered sofa if they will lock up at the end of the day and leave me inside to peruse and fall in love and drool on all of their pretty pretty pieces allllllllll by myself"?

Um, yeah, of course not, ME NEITHER, 'cause that would be weird and totally not something I would ever do.

Let me try that again.

Ever walk into a store and think, "Bingo.  They nailed it.  Everything I love -- under one roof"?

Then you have been to Furbish Studio too!

My work travels took me to Raleigh, NC last week and I had about an hour to kill before I needed to meet with my client.  A nice sit-down lunch, perhaps?  Screw that.  To Furbish I went, and I got take-out for lunch.

Furbish recently moved to a new location where they could spread out a little more and tempt and tease customers a thousand times more with their eclectic finds.

Everything just has a creative "why didn't I think of that!" touch.  The gifts you see above, for example?  Wrapped in fabric and tied in cloth bows. Ummmm ... love.  And earth-friendly, might I add.

To my sweet sister Sarah, I was so close to purchasing this gold-painted sharp toothed jaw for you.  But then I started thinking that you would be woken every single night by your feline friend Puck batting it to the floor and knocking the little teeth out.  Don't you worry ... I got you something else from this fabulous store that will be under the Christmas tree.  

Pattern on pattern on pattern on pattern.  Perfection!

Patterned pillows and plush poufs

And I even hopped into their cute dressing room ....

... to try on the cute pink and green satiny top you see below.  It didn't come home with me but it is oh so precious.

And I left with this big bag filled with a few goodies.  Two Christmas presents and an enamel bangle for myself, just because.  When you have teeny wrists and you find a bangle that fits, it's a no brainer!  I also purchased a blue and coral small bowl to add to our blue and coral den.  I am on the verge of that room being matchy-matchy.  Time to add in some additional colors ... maybe.  :)

Furbish Studio is the brainchild of Jamie Meares and you probably already know her from her fantastic blog, I Suwannee.  Visit them at 312 W. Johnson Street in Raleigh.


  1. this shop looks amazing!!! i wish I was closer!!! :)

  2. That's funny, Sheridan French just posted about Furbish Studio too! Loveeee all of their things!

  3. omg I LOVE this store, the poufs are my fave!

  4. Wow! I am in awe... this shop looks amazing! xo

  5. I live in Raleigh but didn't realize Furbish had moved!

  6. I love, love the bed, and the sofa. And I absolutely adore the Christmas wrapping! Lucky lady to be able to visit. :)

  7. this california girl NEEDS to get her butt over to north carolina STAT to see this store! i drool every time anyone posts anything about it!

  8. It looks just as I imaged...heavenly! One of my girlfriends just registered their for her wedding! xx


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