Spill About Your L-O-V-E: The Reedy Review

Wrapping up this guest post series is Laura from The Reedy Review.  How can I explain Laura?  Well, for starters, she's my sister!  In addition, she is coming up on her first year anniversary with her husband later this summer.  He has been such an awesome addition to our family -- completely seamless.  Another newlywed sharing her experiences ... take it away!

{1} Describe your dating life prior to finding your husband.
Well, there really wasn’t one. I was one of those girls who was friends with all of my girlfriends’ boyfriends but never had one of my own. I like to think I was just too picky, but I may have just been telling myself that to feel better. T was my first boyfriend and I was his first girlfriend.

{2} Describe your husband in one word. How would he describe you in one word?
I would describe him as Considerate
He would describe me as Passionate

{3} You had a really silly fight. Embarrassing silly. What was it about?
You've got to love those fights about silly things. The ones that blow so far out of proportion that you end up forgetting what you started fighting about! One of our more memorable ones was when he told me I did laundry too often. I’m sorry, I didn't know this was even a thing! He told me the shirts and boxers at the top of his drawers were getting too much wear, while the ones at the bottom weren't getting worn. After bickering back and forth we ended up deciding to do our laundry separately. No more folding 20+ undershirts (in his particular way) or matching up black dress socks that somehow all look the same but really aren't. Whoo hoo!

{4} In three sentences (and only three!), describe where you both hope to be in 5 years. 
I want us to be members of a church. I want us to both {still} love our jobs. I want us to be home owners. 

{5} Tell us something about your husband we wouldn't know from reading your blog. 
His name is actually T. Some bloggers abbreviate their family members' names to keep some anonymity, but my husband’s name actually consists of one letter. T stands for Thompson. He's a third, and there are a lot of other Toms and Tommys in the family, so all that was left was T.

{6} What's one thing you never thought you'd do in front of your husband, but you did? 
I really don’t think there is one. I always wanted to have a boyfriend/husband that I could be completely open with, and I think I found it. Before we were even officially dating, I was over at his house and choked on a tortilla chip. I ended up throwing up all over his blanket that was lying over top of us. After that, I had no shame.


  1. That's funny on how his name is really T. You guys look so happy together. Love the picture of you laughing. I saw you on the Friday link up ;)

  2. How sweet! I love that your sister has a blog, and that I read them both! :)

  3. What a cute couple!!

    I love that they were each other's first girlfriend and boyfriend!

    I am Bryce's first girlfriend (he had dated before me, but never had a serious girlfriend)!

  4. Oh, the fights we've had about laundry! Haha!


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