5 On Friday ... End of May Version!

Friday! Friday! Friday!
(Can you tell I'm excited?)

Linky time again, ya'll!  If you haven't participated yet, what are you waiting for?  Jump on in!

Here's what I'm loving this Friday.

{1} Fun family times ahead.
Our family has already put several dates on the calendar for get-togethers ... and this makes me so happy.  It's pretty obvious that we all get together quite frequently and that we really enjoy each other's company.  My middle sister and her boyfriend are in NYC, though, so we don't get to see them too often.  I already know of three times this summer that we'll be able to hang out with them!

{2} The thought of a Pepperoncini Tini.
Am I crazy?  Because I think this looks awesome.  Okay -- maybe not alongside just any dish, but what about grilled chicken that has been marinated in a Greek vinaigrette?  And served with a white bean, feta, and kalamata olive side dish?  Are ya with me now?

{3} Real Simple magazine
The past two Christmases, Mom has gifted me a year-long subscription to this magazine.  I'm positively obsessed.  They have the best articles, the best recipes, the most lovely photographs and style advice.  I get giddy each month when I see it in my mail stack!

{4} Blisters no' mo'.
This trick works!  Like, really works!  I purchased the cutest pair of Nine West patent nude leather flats ... pointy toe with a big ol' bow on each toe ... and I was nervous that wearing them to work would end disasterously.  Before heading to work, I tried this trick, and it really helped to reshape them in a way that I ended up blister-free. 

{5} Let's catch some rays!
Bring on the sun, bring on the wide-brimmed hats, bring on the beach reads.  This girl is ready for some Vitamin D!

Tag, YOU my friend are next.  Enter the link-up here!


  1. What is the blister trick?? I must know! Blisters are my nemesis! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

  2. My mom subscribes me to Real Simple too, and I get SO excited when a new issue arrives in the mail. Happy Friday! :)

    The Grass Skirt

  3. Ok I need to try this blister trick!! I am so ready for summertime too!

  4. Real Simple is by far my favorite magazine! I LOVE when I pick up a new one at the store and can spend the night relaxing and taking it all in. So excited I was able to participate in this weeks link up! Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh I love Real Simple magazine! Their Christmas edition is always so much fun!

    Wow, I haven't seen this blister trick! I'm going to have to find that on Pinterest so I can check it out!

  6. Will have to try the blister remedy! Good for you that you have family time planned! I try to organize things but it's hard with everyone being scattered;) Those are def the best times though! And yes, love catching rays! Happy Weekend!

  7. I am gonna have to try that trick with the blow dryer and shoes!!! I hate feet blisters from new shoes :(

  8. I adore Real Simple.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Yay for family time and I will have to keep that shoe trick in mind. Have a great weekend!

  10. Yay to vitamin d! So glad beach season is here! I cannot wait!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. i'll be taking a 1/2 day of work and then catching some rays then off to the beach tomorrow!

    OK - wait what's the trick - hair dryer + socks - but what do you do???!?!!

  12. omg! The Pepperocini Tini looks delish!

    Kindra @ Hot Tea in Texas

  13. I love spicy, so the drink looks great. I'm trying to concoct a Bloody Mary-tini.

  14. The martini definitely sounds interesting! You're going to have to give it a try and let us all know how it was!

  15. Wow can't believe the blister thing works!! I saw that before but was skeptical. Will definitely have to try it out!


  16. Real Simple stresses me out every time I read it. ISn't that weird? I feel pressured! LOL!

  17. I totally would drink that cocktail!


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