Ribbon Bouquet DIY Instructions

I made my own ribbon bouquet for our wedding rehearsal.  It's quite easy, and as long as you can work a hot glue gun, you're all set. 

I started out by separating out my saved ribbons from wedding shower gifts into neutral colors and bright colors.  I wanted to make ribbon bouquets for my two sisters, who were my maids of honor.  I decided to use the really brightly-colored ribbons for their bouquets and make mine all white and ivory.

All you have to do is warm up your hot glue gun and grab a paper plate.  You'll also want scissors and a glass of wine.  {What?}

Your ribbons will be glued on the bottom side of the paper plate (I used a sturdy Chinet plate) so that the lip curves downward.  I used flat pieces of ivory grosgrain ribbon first and cut them so that they were long enough to lay straight over the surface of the plate and then slightly hang down.  Just glue it down and keep working your way around the plate.  Your objective is to cover all areas that look like, well ... a paper plate.

You'll want to use large bows to cover the surface area of the plate and just keep on keepin' on with that hot glue gun.  Save your prettiest bows for the very top layer so they stand out.

Instead of poking a hole in my plate for the handle on the back, I merely hot glued down a loop of the ribbon for me to slide my fingers through, so it looked like this on the back:

And you're done!  Take that last swig of wine and pack the ribbon bouquet up in your tub of items to go to the wedding site. 


  1. Love your bouquet!! My sister did mine all colorful, but I like the neutral colors too! Cute cute!!

  2. This is awesome! I was just telling my friend that when she gets married I'm going to be so lost when it comes to making her ribbon bouquet. Thanks for the step by step!

  3. That is awesome! I've always said I wouldn't be the one to make these whenever I was in a wedding party because I never knew how. Now I may volunteer to make my own too! Thanks A.Liz!

  4. i am totally making this. love it!!!

  5. I didn't have one for rehearsal. Giving that we both only had one attendant in our wedding party I didn't really see the need.
    Rehearsal was fast!

  6. Yours turned out great! I had my matron of honor put mine together after my shower. I used it at our rehearsal and then threw it out.. it was cute for it's purpose! :)

  7. very cute! and perfect timing I need to make one of these tonight for my friends wedding on saturday :)

  8. This handle idea is genious! So my cleaner than busting a hole threw the plate.


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