Ouch {A Confession}

Ugh, I did the craziest thing the other night.

I was a little late out the door to meet up with The Recessionistas the other night.  Ian's friend had just come over to our house to pick him up so that they could grab some wings and beer -- their weekly tradition. 

Ian was back in our office on the phone with his boss.  He's been stressed about work lately due to new ownership.  Super stressed.  I spent some extra time with Ian's friend in our den, asking him to please make sure my husband got some stress relief and some high-gravity beer.  He assured me he'd take good care of my frazzled Ian.  He then walked outside with me and moved his car so that I could get out of our driveway easily and head to the restaurant.

I backed up at a high speed right into Ian's car.

The sound of crunching metal ... oh my word.

I'd just spent all of this time inside making sure that his stress was going to be lessened -- and now the only two cars we own are damaged and needing repairs.

His bumper was knocked off on one side and there were plenty of areas where paint was missing.  I have a basketball-sized dent in my lift gate and also paint missing.  He asked whose was worse and I said I thought mine was.  After he inspected both, he told me that he thought his took the brunt of the damage.

We got his car fixed yesterday, and I gladly paid for it.  It was just under $100.  They also prepared an estimate for my car.

Yes.  I am speechless.

The good news is, I can say -- I was right.  My car was worse.

The bad news is, DUH.  That huge sum of money.

I'm getting more estimates today.  I'm still on the fence about whether to go through my insurance policy or not.  I will be responsible for the deductible, which is sizeable. 

So.  We will be eating in this weekend.

Have you crunched someone's car?  My coworker one-upped me.  She backed into her husband's car, which was a police cruiser.  And my manager?  Her daughter didn't back into her husband's car, she accidentally drove straight into it.

Enough complaining.  Happy weekend!  And check out my sister's recent DIY post -- I am amazed at her creativity!


  1. Ouch!! That sucks!! I hate how expensive car repairs are!!! Good luck with that bill ;(

    At least no one was injured!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. UGH!! The only thing I can say is something my Mom tells me in times like that.
    Just think of it as if you went to Vegas and dropped $700 into a slot machine and won nothing.
    I guess, that always makes me feel better b/c when i lived in Vegas I use to drop cash in slots like it was nothing.

  3. Oh man, that sucks girl! But everyone makes mistakes and I'm sure you'll laugh about this someday...a very long time from now probably, but someday :)

  4. Oh no! I bet you were and still are so upset.

    Kevin would tell you not to file it for this amount. You'll live with the claim for longer than it's worth. Email me and I can forward it along to him if you have any questions that come up though...whether you have Allstate or not, he can give you advice! :)

  5. Bummer...and being in the insurance industry, I would avoid turning it in if you can swing it.

    I backed into my dad's vehicle once...not cool. His vehicle had NO damage, mine had a busted taillight and bumper. Ughh...

  6. Ohhhh no! That's like the worst feeling in the world when you realize in the driver's seat that a lot of damage has been done.

    Hopefully after staying in for a few more lunches and dinner's it won't put a huge dent in your bank account! ;)

  7. You poor thing. Enjoy eating in this weekend.

    My husband twice in our driveway-to my car and his parents.

  8. Oh no! I'm so sorry that happened!

  9. I'm with Beth, don't file. It will not be worth it in the long run! I'm also so sorry this happens. Will it make you feel better to know that I ran my car into the garage when I was 17?! ;)

  10. i've so done this before! not my finest moment :/ needless to say, i'm super careful in driveaways and parking lots now!

    good luck <3

  11. When I was learning how to drive stick, I drove over to pick up my brother from a friend's house. I backed out of the driveway, panicked about breaking/shifting and backed into his friend's older brother's new car. I haven't tried stick since. ;)

    Good luck with the repairs!

  12. When I was in college I backed my mother's car into my father's car. It was awful! Car repairs are the worst but at least today is Friday! Have a great weekend!

  13. Parked car, parking garage pole, neighbors happens!

  14. oh no....So sorry, A!! Sending hugs your way!!!!

  15. omgosh! I did the same thing a few years ago - backed right outta the garage into my mom's NEW car in the driveway.

    Not sure if you found a few places to get more estimates, but I got into a fender bender in South Park last weekend leaving the mall (bumper ripped off, tail light complete smashed to pieces)...and I took my car to Wilburn Auto Body in South End and they were very honest and reliable...damages totaled $975. :(

  16. Ughh car repairs are the worst, I hate spending money on fixing my car!!

  17. I've had a few ding-ups--mostly in parking lots and such myself! They're horrible!

  18. Our lovely grandmother backed her Prius straight into the side of my car a few months ago... really dented up the door frame but the estimated cost was almost so I just polished it up and you can hardly tell :)


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