New York: Day 3 {Sunday}

Sunday, why must you come so soon?
I was sad for my girlfriends to have to fly back home -- we always have the BEST time together, and I wish we could hang out like that more often. 

The entryway to our hotel

We spent Sunday enjoying a long brunch and popping into a few more shops.  Then, the moment came when the girls got in a cab to go to the airport, and I hopped in a separate cab.

I still had one night left!  And very exciting things ... a blogger date and also the opportunity to go out to dinner with my sister Sarah and her boyfriend.

So you may know that I finally had the chance to meet Blair's Head Band.  Being a total stunner, she'd run a half marathon that very morning and then still rallied to meet me out for happy hour.  I totally spied her wincing as she walked down the 4 or 5 stairs into the wine bar where we met, but she played it off like a champ.

So, two glasses of wine and THREE HOURS later, we'd covered topics from blogs we love to exes we don't love.  We clicked on so many levels, no shocker!  After following someone's blog for such a long time and talking via email and Twitter, you really don't feel like strangers at all.

Especially when you're so connected that you even show up wearing the same nail polish color.

I'd told my sister Sarah to expect me back at her apartment after being gone for an hour, maybe two.  After those three hours, Sarah texted me wanting to know if I needed a "safe word."

HA!  I'm alive dear sis, just having a total blast with a new friend.

We snapped one more gratuitous Instagram photo (follow me: alizadventures) and said our "goodbye for nows."

That evening Sarah, her boyfriend and I had the most delicious dinner at Hudson Clearwater.  This restaurant came strongly suggested from my friend Lindsay -- she hails from the same town (Hickory, NC) as the head chef, and they are family friends.  The duck is amazing!  They happened to be also hosting a private party that night as a fundraiser.  We chatted with the chef after dinner and he mentioned casually to us that Phillip Lim, the mega-famous designer of 3.1 Phillip Lim, was not more than 20 feet away from us.  Yep!  There he was.  Amazing. 

Celebrity sighting in NYC?  Check!

And in funnier news, the fundraiser had their own event menu, which accidentally made its way over to our table.  What did my wandering editorial eye spot, but a typo.  And a funny one at that.  Can you spot it?

I woke the next morning and caught a flight back home to Charlotte.  A truly fabulous NYC trip!


  1. Good times! I didn't realize your sister lived in NYC! No pictures of you two? ;(

  2. What a fun time. I seriously love that arbor/entrance! It is very Parisian - and in March no less. I am impressed with that place. And I do love how you and BHB got together. Two beautiful ladies :)


    You had such a great weekend in NYC. I spent most of mine hungover, unfortuantely. Just can't recover like I used to....

    In other news - I didn't know you were a three-stone oval gal - I am TOO! ::shimmy!::

  4. sounds like a wonderful trip - i head to NYC a week from today and i'm so excited :)

  5. Wow sound's like you had a lot of fun in NYC! I loved it when I went last summer, but it was just so hot. Please do check out my blog: and comment :) thanks so much!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I truly love meeting up with my twitter/blogger friends. I couldn't agree more, you feel like you are old friends from the moment you finally meet in real for the menu...I prefer Dark chocolate over Dork. ;)

  7. i am loving your pink pants and nails! and don't you just love blog friends! happy friday friend!

  8. Dork chocolates? Those are my favorite!!

  9. What a fun trip! Love that you were able to meet up with her!

  10. Sounds Like fun! But they may have just forgotten to add the umlaut? Either way, typo!

  11. Sounds like you and BHB had a total blast, love the polish color.

  12. LOVE the pink jeans! Where did you find them? Thanks!!

  13. Hi April!
    I am heading to NYC this November and would love your opinion on the Mondrian vs The Roger. Both are in my budget but since you've stayed at both I wanted to ask!
    Thanks in advance :)


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