New York: Day 2 {Saturday}

Saturday morning we woke up and headed to one of Ashley's favorite breakfast spots, Cafe Gitane.

I'd read on Yelp that they had an amazing avocado toast -- lemon juice, olive oil, avocado, and red chili flakes on wheat toast.  Of course I ordered it and of course it was life-changing.

I think I know what we're having at home for breakfast this weekend.

After breakfast, we knocked out some Soho shopping.  First stop: the ever anticipated C. Wonder!

From home decor to handbags to clothes to jewelry to accessories... they had it all!

We went to the dressing room armed with stacks of clothes to try.  My favorite part?  This digital menu in each dressing room lets you control the music, the volume, and best of all, the lighting!  How ingenious.  Want to see how that orange cardigan will look in your brightly-lit office conference room?  Or how a tailored little blue dress will look at a dimly-lit dinner?  Done.

I was almost tempted to leave with some new bangles or some new tortoise-rimmed sunglasses, but I walked away empty-handed.  My girlfriends did not; they scored some fabulous finds.

After a Bloomingdales trip, we worked up an appetite.  We stopped in at Rice to Riches, which has so many flavors of rice pudding.

I went with pecan pie.  Kerry chose the marscapone and Ashley took the blue ribbon with her choice of french toast rice pudding topped with tart cherries.

My pecan pie rice pudding in all its glory.

After a quick trip back to the hotel, we refreshed and made our way back to Bloomingdale's for makeup appointments.  Ash and Ker were beautified by the Bobbi Brown girls, and I scored an appointment at the Chanel counter.

Freshly made up and with new makeup goodies in hand, we walked to Haute Air where we had appointments to have our hair blown out.

Here's the before pic -- makeup looks good, hair is ready for some magic!

We sipped champagne and took turns having our hair washed and styled with Bumble & Bumble products by the talented Haute Air staff.

I loved how mine turned out and the girls were equally as pleased with theirs!

On the walk back to the hotel, we shielded our tresses from the wind as best we could.  We slipped into our dresses for the night, sipped on some wine, and got ready for a great dinner out.

We arrived at Beauty and Essex for our dinner reservations.  As you walk in, it appears you are in a pawn shop.

And then an unsuspicious door at the back opens and leads you into the restaurant.

The food was phenomenal, the cocktails very inspired, and the dancing upstairs was a blast.  Time with these girls is always the best.


  1. It looks like such a great time! The rice pudding looks divine, and I love how you can pick out the flavors. :)

  2. So fun!

    & I'm going to try to recreate that avocado toast. Sounds amazing!

  3. So fun!

    & I'm going to try to recreate that avocado toast. Sounds amazing!

  4. ONLY YOU could look flattering in the "front spot" in your blue shirt seated on the couch. . . seriously! BEAUTIFUL!

  5. I honestly cannot 'do' warm avocado. Not sure why. It gotta have it at room temp or colder!

    Love the blowout. Wish we had a place here in Richmond I could rely on for that!

  6. looks like you had such a fun time. i def want to try that toast- amazing!

  7. Amazing! I love how your hair turned out too! I'm so glad you girls had such a fun night on the town ;)

  8. Giiiiiirl, you went ALL out! I can only imagine how much this cost and I can tell you that I'd be nervous to see my credit bill. But wow!! What amazing memories to share with some of your closest friends. Amazing!

  9. i'd love to get a blow out before girls night out! so fun!

  10. Avocado toast, C. Wonder and blowouts? Sounds like my kind of NYC trip!

  11. Ahhh I love Rice to Riches. It's the best!

    Lovin' your blog... new follower :)

  12. How much fun!!!

    P.S. Did you notice that the girl in the striped dress in one of the first pictures at C.Wonder showed up at the restaurant too...AND in your picture?

    How funny is that!

  13. Looks like so much fun!! Wish I was there! Erica

  14. That toast sounds amazing!! Looks like a great day! I'm loving these blog posts!

  15. Looks like a fun trip! I'll be in NYC in April and have been dying to make it to C Wonder. Now I need to try this avocado toast..

  16. Such a fun time! Your hair looks great!


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