Dinners As Of Late

No travel for me this week means more time I'm able to spend in the kitchen.  I feel so happy when I can create a dinner for us that is both health-conscious and cost-conscious.

Now, with that said, Ian and I do have a place around the corner that we like to escape to occasionally for the most delicious blackened wings, celery & bleu cheese, and beer (him) and white wine (me).  It's dark and "neighborhood-y" and chill.  And no dishes to clean up afterwards. 

When we do cook at home, I love a mix of tried-and-true recipes with some new ones too.

Sunday dinner

Sunday night is usually a splurge night for us.  As I've mentioned before, we usually keep the carbs to a minimum during the weeknights (or at least opt for complex carbs).  This past Sunday we had chicken piccata, sauteed green beans, and yellow rice. 

The green beans are my favorites to buy -- they are from Trader Joe's and available in the frozen section.  They are so inexpensive and tasty.  I just pull some out of the bag, throw them in my little pink colander, and thaw under running water. 

Monday dinner

Monday night I used my favorite kitchen app to help me plan dinner -- Allrecipes.  It's free and a lifesaver.  You can search for recipes easily and scroll through the reviews to check for modifications.  I had chicken thawing in the fridge while I was at work, and I found the below recipe for Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken.  We loved it, but next time I'll reduce the amount of breadcrumbs it calls for as there were a lot left over that I just had to toss.

Once I find a recipe I like, I just email it to myself so I can quickly pull it up while preparing dinner.  Easy!

I didn't want to go to the grocery store, so I made more green beans.  This time I sauteed a white onion first, then added the green beans in, and gave the dish a good dash or four of balsamic vinegar.  Very yummy.  Ian also had a small salad with his dinner.

Last night I baked shrimp for us and served it alongside green beans (see a trend here?!) and another side dish that I just made up ... sauteed halved cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, and green onions.  I added some spices and sea salt and then topped the dish with parmesan cheese.

I had half of a can of chickpeas left over, so I used my trusty Allrecipes app to find a roasted chickpea recipe.  I'm snacking on them now!  I coated mine in olive oil, cumin, curry, and cinnamon and added a little sea salt.  Next time I'll increase the roasting temperature or time to make them a little crunchier than they are.

What's your go-to weeknight meal?


  1. My go-tos are either an easy taco salad (which is my husband's favorite) that is ready in about 20 minutes and varies a bit depending on what I have on hand, or "Winemaker's Sausage" which is so easy and I got it from a Trader Joe's cookbook. The grapes and sausages together I think really go well together and requires minimal effort. This is making me wish I had the ingredients on hand for tonight!

  2. Yummy, I love green beans and always forget about them. We make turkey tacos and grilled chicken a lot in our house. The husband only like what he calls "man food", it really limits your options. ;)

  3. I buy the exact same green beans all the time and constantly have a bag or two in my freezer. Especially if I know I will have a busy week, I love cooking large batches of a recipe on Sundays. Often it is soup for lunches, and another recipe for dinners. I love turkey sausages with onions and peppers and turkey mini meatloaves. ;)

  4. That looks delicious! I'm slowly but surely trying to gain new recipes. I appreciate reading your "reviews" of meals.

  5. Sunday is our splurge night too but honestly.. i'm getting tired of it.
    I generally wake up regretting it on MOndays.
    We do salmon once a week..

  6. I love that your go-to is green beans :) That is NOT mine lol. I wish I liked veggies more than I do, but oh well. Happy Hump Day!

  7. we do a lot of the following:
    - sauteed shrimp with whole wheat pasta and roasted cauliflower
    - grilled chicken apple sausages with sauteed mushrooms and brown rice
    - chicken picatta with roasted vegetables

    im all about healthy but EASY!

  8. Corey and I do the chicken with panko breadcrumbs and parmesan quite frequently too! Its one of our go-tos. Another go to is chicken and red bliss potatoes tossed with paprika, minced garlic, and rosemary then roasted. We also make spaghetti with turkey meatsauce as a go-to. Its quick, delicious, and there are always plenty of leftovers.

  9. Had to comment . . . I love All Recipes too :) Saved me many a times. But I prefer the actual website to the Iphone ap. What has saved me with having a little one is the crockpot. My friends make so much fun of me, but they just don't know yet. The crockpot is the best time saver ever! I'm a dork :)

  10. I made your Pizza Chicken recipe a few weeks ago and my boys all raved about it! It is now in the weekly rotation. I am addicted to the Allrecipes app. I use almost every morning! Keep posting those recipes!

  11. We just had Trader Joe's green beans last night! I bought two kinds to try - one from the produce section and those frozen ones you wrote about. The produce section ones were unbelievable! I ended up not eating my salmon, because I wanted a whole meal of green beans! Can't wait to try the frozen ones. Your meals look delicious and similar to the way we eat. We are attempting to steer clean of carbs for dinner.

  12. I am impressed!! All of those dinners look amazing!

  13. Very nice! Curious, the App for Allrecipes is it the free one?


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