Week 38 Pregnancy Journal

How Far Along? 38 weeks

Size of Baby: A leek (19.75 inches). Our baby weighs approximately 6.8 lbs now (just for a point of reference, I was 7.1 when I was born ... Ian was 7.11)

Gender: Our sweet little girl.

Weight Gain: Whooo-hoo, I finally got the weight gain I was looking for! I gained three, yes THREE pounds from last week's weight, so up a total of 19 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, or 22 pounds from my lowest pregnancy weight. Sweet relief to know baby is growing well!

Maternity Clothes: Heavens yes. Loving maxi dresses for the ease!

Nursery: We purchased and set up our baby monitor, hung art on the walls, and I ran one more load of baby laundry this weekend in Dreft detergent, which smells like a sweet newborn baby. Ian and Dad added a dimmer switch to her room so that we can keep the lights down low during late night feedings and diaper changes. I plan to share the nursery pictures next week and can't wait.

Movement: Like crazy. I hate to say it, but almost to the point of being uncomfortable now. Don't get me wrong, I still love it and I know that I'll miss it, but she is just so big now that when she moves around, I feel it all over. Gone are the days of the little flicks here and there. :)

Symptoms: According to everyone, I've "dropped" which means that it looks like baby is descending a bit. Also, a new one this week -- a stinging, burning sensation around my right side where her little foot sticks out. It stung so badly the first time it happened that I literally asked Ian to look at it and see if my skin was breaking open. Obviously, I knew that wasn't the case, but that is how it felt. The doctor today said it was quite common and nothing to worry about. Other than that, I've been quite tired for the past few days. It's my goal to be better about lights out at 10pm from now until she is here!

One more symptom to mention, which I've mentioned before but now it's at an all-time high: the belly skin sensitivity. Everyday motions like rinsing out a glass at the sink or brushing my teeth are pretty crummy because I hate it when my belly brushes up against anything at all. Ew.

Sleep: Dozing off well, and often waking up once to shuffle to the restroom. According to Ian, I've started snoring a little bit (I guess due to the extra weight?). So that is lovely. Oh, and isn't this cute either, we've added in a towel under my side of the bed just in case we have a water-breakage situation happening during the night. Wow ... are we really there yet?!

(update: after reading a few of the comments, just wanted to clarify that we do have a waterproof cover on our new mattress, and the towel is currently on top of that ... just to help "catch" any water, ha!)

Cravings: No major cravings, but enjoying smaller and more frequent meals (like grazing over apps) a lot more than large, heavy meals. Still thinking Honey Nut Cheerios each morning are the cat's meow.

What I Miss: Walking without getting bad lower back pain afterwards. Also, a cute big tummy with no pain -- now it just constantly feels like the skin is stretched to the limit. Sushi also sounds amazing!

Best Moment This Week: Having Mom and Dad in town for Easter. It was awesome. Mom doesn't get tired of me pulling out all of baby girl's clothes and accessories from the closet and showing them to her one-by-one. Also, I think we may have figured out what my dad's grandfather name is going to be. :)

Looking Forward To: BABY. I seriously can't wait for the labor experience (I might take back that statement later) and we just want to meet her, bad bad bad. Ian's even more ready than I am -- he would have us in the hospital tonight if he could. Still enjoying our couple time though as well as our quiet nights and mornings!


  1. Tell me you're getting an epidural?? Looking good. I know you're ready.

  2. You look amazing! So, so close! Maybe our babes will be birthday twins! :o)

  3. Still look amazing!! I can only imagine how ready you are though!!

  4. 3 POUNDS!?!?! HOORAY!!! That is FANTASTIC NEWS!!!

    Laughing over the towel. We recently purchased a waterproof mattress pad protector for the same reason (I know y'all just dropped serious dough on a King mattress too)!

    So dang excited for our labor! Crossing my fingers that Baby R gets to share a birthday with Big Daddy! xo

  5. Almost there! I'm hitting 37 weeks on Thursday and I am soooooo ready too. My girl's movements are a little painful and weird too, but always comforting to know she has good movement. I recommend getting a plastic mattress cover, especially if you plan on having baby sleep in your bed at times anyway (accidents happen!)...then you don't have to worry about your water breaking and ruining the mattress. Good luck these last few weeks!

  6. I lol'ed at the towel, but like someone else mentioned, a waterproof mattress cover is a great idea. Not only would it help prevent a mess before baby, once the baby is here it could be a lifesaver. My girls are 8 and 10 and never slept with us, but sure did manage to mess up my bed more times than I can count!

    Getting so close!!

  7. I look forward to these posts every week! Yay!

    You look just as absolutely gorgeous as always. The towel under your side of the bed is hilarious and so entirely something I would do. One can never be too prepared! Can't wait to see nursery pics next week!

    You're so close to baby girls arrival! Yay!

  8. I think I am going to miss your sweet belly! A great idea to catch any water if it breaks. Buy a cheap bathmat from Target and sleep on that. Since they are designed to catch water it will serve as more protection against your mattress! Any day now mama!

  9. i love reading these updates and knowing you're going to meet that sweet precious baby girl so soon!! i'm sending prayers your way and thinking of you sweet friend

  10. It definitely looks like you've dropped, so it might not be too long now! You look great, Mama, so just hang on. You will be meeting your sweet girl before you know it:)

  11. You look amazing, pretty mama!! So excited for you! :)

  12. You look so great but I know how ready you are probably getting!! So exciting!

  13. You still look darling! We put a waterproof pad under my side of the bed just a few days ago in preparation for the "what if's" of the next few weeks- crazy! We're all definitely in the home stretch now!!

  14. Congrats! You're doing so great! What's your dad's grandpa name?!

  15. You look adorable!!! I can't wait to see photos of her nursery!


  16. Could you look any cuter?! You're sooo close, momma! Mother's Day will be extra sweet this year. :-D

  17. Any day now!!! I'll be thinking about y'all:-)

  18. Any day now!!! I'll be thinking about y'all:-)

  19. I am so looking forward to seeig the nursery and I love that you have a towel to help with any possible water breakage - smart!!


  20. Oh April, you really do look so good as a pregnant gal! Seriously. You just glow!

    The end is HARD. It's so uncomfortable and the idea of having that baby in your arms instead of your ribcage is just so appealing. I won't say "enjoy it now!" because I get...there's not much to enjoy! Just know that the end is near!

    Can't wait to see her nursery!! Also, would you mind me emailing me your #? I'd love to connect with you once she's here and bring you some goodies! So happy for you guys!

  21. You are too cute!! Any day now :)

    I was ways afraid my water was going to break at work and it was going to be extremely embarrassin! I sat on my raincoat (a towel would have been too obvious) and had a spare set of clothes just in case!

    Thankfully my water broke at the hospital during a check-up :)

  22. Ahhh you're getting so close!! I remember those last few weeks being the shortest and longest time of my life. Sleep and enjoy your time as two as much as you can- I know it's so cliche and everyone says it but this babe is about to become front and center and you'll never get this time alone back! I keep waiting for my water to break at random places and it never did- I actually only have one friend who's water broke before she got to the hospital.


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